Sunday, May 28, 2006

Rain Rain go away

It had been raining since morning today, into the late afternoon. I thought I would be heading to the dog run today as usual, rain or shine....

But who knows, Fat Fat came up with the BRIGHT IDEA that since I had a super long walk yesterday, I probably do not need any exercise today. But but but but but .... that was yesterday !!! Today is today !! Today I have not got any exercise yet !!!!

Alas, Fat Fat then brought me for my usual walk, and I asked him,' How bout MY bath then?" I always bath in dog run you know ..... Guess what next ??? Fat Fat bath me in the house toilet !!!!

Can you believe that ????? Bathing in the small toilet??? ....

**faint*** I hope the rain goes away every weekend ... so that they do not have any more excuse of not bringing me out .....

A Super Long Walk

Today, I had one of the longest walk of my life.

After my therapy session at Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled, Gal Gal and I walk all the way from the Home to Gal Gal's house near Bishan Park as the weather is pretty cooling as it had just rain.

It may sounds very near to walk from Bishan Home to Bishan Park, but it is actually anywhere but near.

We both started off very happily with my tails high up in the air, but as we progress, my tail drop down down down and down.

I lay flat on the floor when we reached Gal Gal's house. Luckily the weather is cooling and Gal Gal brought some ice water for me. We had 3 rest stop during the trip.

We walked for 1.5 hours ........ now I am dead tired ..... and Gal Gal is sleeping besides me now .... hiak hiak hiak hiak ...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

My new appointment

I have recently been appointed as a guard dog cum door bell. According to Fat Fat, I am actually doing a very good job.

Whenever somes ones comes in, I will give a very low loud bark once and Fat Fat will comes out to see who the visitor is.

And when it is someone I know, I will not bark. Just like how a door bell works, visitor press the door bell while those staying in the house does not :) And I also does not anyhow bark.

Working in progress - DO NOT DISTURB

The Forgotten Ones ....

I have a feeling that people in this world is slowly forgetting about me ....

Fat Fat is supposed to bring me out one day, we were all ready to go, I had the collar and leash on me already ..... and guess what ???? ..... see for yourself
Fat Fat, Me, My Collar and leash all ready to go :)

Suddenly, the phone rings and Fat Fat is on the line

I waited and waited and waited, until I decided to wait for him in dreamland

Finally, Fat Fat put down the phone, but when he saw that I was in dreamland, he removed my leash and let me sleep ... ..... ****sighhhhhhh******


Seriously, I am totally different from my other half-brothers, food doesnt interest me at all. I can leave my food there until the rats comes and eat them or until I totally forgot about them. Sometimes, Fat Fat is so angry with me that he will keep the food after a while, and I have to go hungry.

I only finish all my food when Gal Gal is around ..... else ... she willl not play with me ...

I eat to live, Gal Gal says that I am so lazy to even eat, at times. According to her, she has never see a more lazy dog like me who even eat in a "down" position ...

Well, like it or not, I am like that :P

Monday, May 22, 2006

Marley & Me

Did anyone miss me yet?

I had been busy the pass week reading the book Marley & Me.

This book is about the life story of a yellow labador, Marley, from its puppyhood into its old age ... and how much joy, "destruction" and fun he brought to his family.

Its especially heartbreaking towards the end of the book when how his owner had to make the painful decision to put Marley to sleep. I cried a lot ***sob sob***

I wonder if next time I am sick, does Fat Fat also has to use a wheelbarrow to move me around? I am now 29KG, what if he cant find a wheelbarrow?

Will Fat Fat put me to sleep next time? Will I get sick like Marley when I grow old too?

I especially like this book because I see myself in Marley. We are so much alike! My tails also moves uncontrollably, making "thud thud thud" sounds ALL THE TIME, I also love water, walks .... errr .... except that I am not as disruptive as Marley, and I am NOT scared of thunder ... :)

oh no !!! .... this is so sad .... Maybe I shall focus of the positive and good things now and worry in years to come

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers DAY !!!

Happy Mothers DAY !!! ***licks licks and kiss kiss all the mothers****

As usual, Fat Fat and Gal Gal brought me to Pet Movers Dog Run. As today is Mothers Day, I bought Gal Gal into the MegaMart at Pet Movers, hoping to buy some gifts for her .....

guess what I bought? ... I bought an oatmeal conditioner, so that she can feel nice whenever she touch my fur.

I also bought charcoal treats for myself, so that I can have fresher and cleaner teeth and breath when I talk to her.

Aren't I a sweety ...................

My First Visit to Thong Teck Home for the Aged

Today is Vesak Day and guess what? I went to Thong Teck Home for the Aged to do therapy work with Therapy Dogs, Singapore (TDS).

I am so excited as this is my first visit to the home. I have never been to this home as the visits are scheduled on Fridays, and I am only free on weekends.

This home is so special, the staffs arranged the tables in rows and have the patients sitting on both sides of the tables, so that we dogs can jump onto the tables and move along .... letting the patients play with us .... hehehe ... this is so fun, so much fun :)

I like this home, hope there are more holidays so that I can come often :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Accident prone ? or Accident maker?

I notice that Gal Gal is pretty much accident prone recently. However, instead of blaming herself, she blame ME!!!! What is this world coming to? She got into an accident, and she blame me??? Am I her keeper or what ??

But come to think of it, the accidents did happen because of me, but shouldn't she be taking care of herself MORE?? *scratch head**

Incident 1 - errr ... Ok, this is an accident by me, but doesnt she knows how to move away??!!

Incident 2

I was running in the dog run as usual, then Gal Gal called me from the middle of the dog run. As I wanted to let her know that I had perfected my recall, I ran to her promptly and at a super fast speed.

However, I was not able to stop in time and I bang into her, causing her to make fly into the sky and promptly landed on her bum ....

Errr ... doesnt she knows how to move away AGAIN ???

***sigh*** I really do not know what to make of this ..... Is she a statue or something? or am I really accidents maker?

hmmmm. ...........

Monday, May 08, 2006

I slept with a gal, for the FIRST TIME :)

hee hee hee ... hahahah .... this is so nice ... ummhhhh .... well, I got to sleep with a gal for the FIRST TIME last weekend ....

For some unknown reasons, everyone in this world says that I am HUGE & GIGANTIC ... but but but .... im so gentle and nice ... and sweet .... and loving ....

Anyway, because of my size, I have always been sleeping alone, Fat Fat refused to let me sleep with him, for fear that I may push him down the bed, Gal Gal refused to sleep with me, for fear that I may crush her. Boo Boo, Boy Boy and Ah Gal the CKCS refused to sleep with me, for fear that they may become pancake the next day ....

The bottomline is NOBODY WANTS TO SLEEP WITH ME !!!! !@#$%^&*(()_+)( ... Am I really that bad ?????

However, I got to sleep with a gal for the first time last weekend !!!! And that Gal is Gal Gal ... hahahahah .... Fat Fat mentioned something about working on election day and he had to work very early like 3am and Fat Fat being a sleepy head was was worried that he couldnt wake up on time, so all three of us, Fat Fat, Gal Gal and me went to a place that is nearer to Fat Fat work place to spend the night.

And after Fat Fat went to work, I SLEEP WITH GAL GAL .... hahahahha ... till the next day .... this is my best sleep of my life ... hiak hiak hiak hiak ....

My going-to-be first fun fair


I am going to the first fun fair of my life next month !!!!

Listen to this "FUN FAIR". I really have no idea whats going to hapen there but just by listening to the name itself makes me so excited !! I am sure its going to be FUN and theres gonna be lots of games and exciting stuffs waiting for me there.

Well, what happen is that Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (SWAMI) will be organizing a Charity Food and Fun Fair on 18 June 2006, from 10am to 5pm with the objective of raising funds. The fun fair, which will be held at SWAMI Home, will house a targeted 100 stalls selling food, beverages and merchandise, along with some game stalls as well.

Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (SWAMI) is a home for the aged-sick, disabled and homeless. Its aim is to serve the elderly in our society, providing them quality care and services, ensuring their well-being. SWAMI currently offers services like Residential Care of 190 capacity, Day Care Services, Home Care Services and has just extended the intake of 50-bedded ward for dementia patients and patients for our Day Care Centers due to the demand by community. Without any funding, they would be unable to continue such services.

The AMAZING part is Therapy Dogs Singapore has been allocated a PHOTOGRAPHY STALL !!

and what happen is that people will pay to take photos with US !! THE DOGS !! ... WOW .... isn't this amazing. And there is also going to be a pull cart where children can take ride on a cart pulled by dogs !! ...

I am so excited now !! ... If you guys want my PAWTOGRAPH, please remember to come to the FUN FAIR ok?

For more details, you may also like to check out SWAMI's website.

Oh !! So excited !! I cant sleep tonight ...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A new friend - Toto

Gal Gal brought me out today to meet her friend and her dog, Toto.

We were sitting at the bus stop waiting for Gal Gal's friend to turn up. Suddenly, I heard a very loud barking (Loud is an understatement, SUPER DUPER MEGA LOUD should be the correct phrase) but I see no dog around, only a gal who was about 50m away from us walking towards us ....

Then I realised that its Gal Gal's friend. Toto is in a doggie carrier but he is super fierce, he even showed me his teeth even though I tried to be friendly.

Because Toto was making so much noise, Gal Gal was saying, "Oh My Goodness !! Oh MY Goodness!" .... I think she said this countless of times ... Can you imagine, continuous barking on one side, the other side continuous chanting of "Oh My Goodness !" .... I nearly went bonkers with all those noise around me ....

Anyway ... Toto is so white like Benji .... I would have wanted to play with him, if not for his fierce attitude .... *sigh**

Hope to see you again Toto .. :)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I love Long Weekends

I simply love LONG WEEKENDS !!! Well, actually, everyday feels like weekends for me as I do not need to work or such. But last weekend, I heard its a holiday or something, and Fat Fat dont need to work so he bought me to quite a few places ...

And guess what? I forgot to bring my camera as I was so excited .... DAMN ... How I wish I could share some photos with you guys !!

Anyway, as usual, I went to Pet Movers, spend my day running, chasing the smaller dogs, cooling myself in the pond and babe watching there.

I also went to the BEACH !! YES !!! BEACH !!! hahahahaha ... boy !!! so many bikinis babe in the beach .... WOOOOOOOO .... opppss .... errr ... Yes, I was saying I went to the beach for a swim .... it has been a long time since I did that ...

And I also went to the Istana, well I mean Fat Fat went to the Istana, and I spent my time at the nearby Istana Park while waiting for him to finish his business with the President .

I love holidays ..... since elections is here, can some one ask the government or whoever for MORE HOLIDAYS please?

My New Bed

Fat Fat bought a new sofa set, and guess what?

The color is THE SAME as my collar and leash !!! MY FAVOURITE BLUE !!

So naturally, I was very excited .... so excited that for once, I thought Fat Fat bought the sofa FOR ME ....

And guess what again?? I was the first to sit on the sofa

the first to lay on the sofa

And the first to sleep on the sofa .... hahahaha ... but of cos, I am not going to show you my "unglam" sleeping pose .... hahahaha ...

I bite Gal Gal ......

well ..... I am feeling all so guilty now ... so guilty guilty now ... what should I do ? Luckily, Gal Gal is not very angry with me now ... but still im guilty ... how how how?

As all of you know, I love to play a lot, and sometimes, when I am too engross in my play, I totally forget that I am a super strong dog at 29 KG ...

I always think that I am still a small puppy in a giantic grown up body.

anyway, what happen was that I was playing ball with Gal Gal and I was all out to get the ball from Gal Gal and who knows, I accidentally snap her on her leg.

And now Gal Gal has a bruise as big as a full palm size, now let me see ... thats as good as about 5 - 6 of my paw size !!!!!!!

Damn ......... how how how

Guilty Look

Loevy and Doevy

My half brother, Boo Boo aka Puggy, told me about Loevy and Doevy.

Well well ... imagine my surprise, Boo Boo is normally someone who minds his own business and who does not even lay a hand to help out in the house. So I was pleasantly surprised that he took interest in Loevy and Doevy ,.. .. hmm ... maybe he is really in love or something ...

This is Loevy

This is Daevy

Both Loevy and Doevy are now staying in a shelter. A shelter is a place where they keep lots and lots and lots of dogs in cages. Well, I reckon the cages are at most 1m by 2m. But both Loevy and Doevy are very lonely and their greatest wish is to go to a home which they can call THEIR HOME.

If anyone has a spare home for them, please do write to me, boo boo or you can also call their Agent at 9761 5787 yeah.

And yes, I heard that they are very sweet dogs who loves walks and human companion, so they make very good house pets.