Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I have always been reading about Herbie's and Gang's wine and cheese Pawty time and I have always been so envious of them .... They were having so so so so much fun !!!!

FINALLY !!!! I Finally have a Wine and Cheese Pawty time with all the doggies over the world at DOGS WITH BLOGS and I am soooo excited!

According to this, the party starts at 28 April 2007 at 12 noon SINGAPORE TIME ! and at the moment, it seems to be an endless party (I HOPE) .... Wow !!

AND GUESS WHAT ????!!!!! While we doggies are having our own party, our HUMANS are having their own pawty at Kallang MacDonald with their laptops .... I wonder why ...

Anyway, I heard that tentatively, the Gal Gal, Fufu's Eil and Jay's J are going for the HUMAN pawty !!

YOHOOOOOOOOOOO .... that means the 4 (plus BOO BOO) are able to do what ever we want at the PAWTY !!! Isnt this exciting ???

Monday, April 23, 2007

My Neighbour, Brownie

Let me introduce you to a dog in my neighbourhood. I call him BROWNIE and he is a stray. I think he does not have a owner, so I have conveniently call him my "Neighbour", well so at least he belongs somewhere, which is MY neighbourhood :)

BROWNIE is not very friendly, he always growl and snare at me. Just like this

And when someone is not friendly to me, this is what I do, I will give them this "not very pleased" look

This is BROWNIE looking for food in the neighbourhood. Sometimes, Fat Fat will give some of MY food to BROWNIE, I dont actually mind as I don't really like to eat :P ... how I wish I can sell my food.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My first Fan MAIL

I have been blogging for slightly more than a year, and guess what? Today I receive my first, email. I would have thought that it is a FAN MAIL ...... but its its its its .... wahahahhahahahhahahha ...... its simply so hilarious.....

This email is from someone by the name of Ali Usman, who claims to be a Nigerian who has recently inherited US30billion from an estate. And needs MY help to remit the money out to him, but the catch is that I must pay him a certain bank charges first ......

WAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH ..... I may be a DOG, but I am NOT stupid .... why would any clear headed dog be willing to part with their hard earned FOOD, BONES FIRST without any returns? THIS IS STUPID !!!!!

My Gal Gal always makes me work for my food. I have to guard the office, swim A LOT, catch the mice before they give me any food at all .... so do you think I will part with my money (aka food) so easily ??? waahhahahahahahha

I think no DOG of the right mind would do it, not even the greediest dog on earth, Boo Boo will do that.

By the way, do you think I should reply my FAN MAIL and ask him whether he knows that he is writing to a dog???

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

MY Sofa


Don't come any closer .... else I BITE ....

Monday, April 02, 2007

Before and After

I get to go out everyday, sometimes, to far away places, when Fat Fat will drive. Sometimes we walk.

And this is me, BEFORE we reach our destination if we drive IN THE CAR

And this is me, AFTER we have our fun, and on the way home, also IN THE CAR

I had always wish that my pathetic look will make Gal Gal and Fat Fat turn back the car. But, it never work ........ guess I have to work harder on my pathetic look .....

Wish me luck !!