Sunday, November 26, 2006

My going to be first xmas party

I am so excited now, I will be having my first xmas party in less than a months time !!!

I wonder how it will be like, I heard from Gal Gal that there will be lots of FOOD and FUN and DOGS and HUMANS and PLAY and all the good things are going to happen at this party !!!

Wow !!! I cant wait .... I cant wait to meet all the Singapore D-bloggers friend !! YOHOOOOOO .... so many FIRST TIME is going to happen at the party!!

Oh yeah, I heard that those who want to go to the Singapore D-bloggers xmas party has to write an email to the "organising committee" for their planning purposes. Ok, I better email them now.

errr .... oh yes !! Here it is, email to , remember to email them if you also want to join the party yeah ?

Do you think we will get a turkey as big as this? If we do, then Herbie can have the drumstick :)

Friday, November 24, 2006

The thing about cards

Everyone seems to be busy making xmas cards now. Me too ! Come to think of it, this is not the first time that I make a card.

In fact, I have made and send a card together with Boo Boo and my family for Jay's birthday this year!

Let me show you how Jay's birthday card look like


And I even get everyone at home to put their paw prints and thumb prints on the inside of the card !

Now, this is the first card that I made and signed off ALL MY LIFE :)

Oh yes, did I just hear someone ask whether they will get the same card for the DWB exchange, well, stand by your letterbox and wait for the answer !! :)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Postage Rate increase

I cant believe this ! I simply cannot believe this ! Why are they doing this to me ?????? And of all times, why this now !!!!????????

You see, I have never been sending out any xmas cards ALL MY LIFE !! NEVER !!! What I do best on xmas is to go around licking people, and wishing them a blessed xmas, and errr .... yeah, try to get ask many xmas presents as I could.

But this year is different !!!! This year, I decided to do something very different and that is to send xmas cards to all my dog-bloggers friends. And I have been saving for months and months for my xmas cards and stamps. For the past few months, I had not been buying any big treats for myself, I save whatever I could, just so that my friends can have a very nice card from me,

And guess what ????!!!!! They have to increase the postage rates at this time !!!!

The good thing is that the postage rates will increase effective 18 December, which means I MUST, BY HOOK OR BY CROOK to send out all my cards out BY 18 December ....

Faint ... and I have not even started designing my cards yet ....

What Am I supposed to do now? So many cards, and no extra / contingency money to cater for the postage increase

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Where's everyone????

I always go to Bishan park which is a dog park where Herbie, Joey & Jack, Bear Bear and some of us doggies goes to.

Bishan Park is actually pretty big, the park itself is separated into 2 parts by a road. And I estimates that the park itself is probably about 2 or 3 kilometers from one end till the other.

Although this park is huge, but I am able to pin point where the dogs normally gathers, the problem is everytime when I goes to the dog park, I see none of the Dogs-bloggers friends !!!!!!

WHY IS THAT SO ??????!!!!! I have the impression that Herbie, Joey & Jack, and Bear Bear goes there pretty often !!! But I just cant seems to see them at all !!! Not even once .... WHY? WHY? WHY ?? WHY ???

the only "regular" dog that I see is a JRT with a 60 year old man .... I like the JRT and always plays with him :)

Hope to catch one of the dogs-bloggers there one day :) My lucky day perhaps .... I shall see who gets lucky, me or Boo Boo.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My much deserved rest

After looking after Rusty for so long, I need my much deserve rest .... And to reward me, Fat Fat allowed give me a "small size" sofa as he say he cant find a bed to fit my size .....

I wonder if you guys actually noticed that Fat Fat always get beds which are way TOO SMALL our size for me and my siblings ... remember Boo Boo's bed which is horribly tiny? Well, Fat Fat did it again !!! He ask me to sleep on a sofa which is way too small for me .... WHATS WRONG WITH HIM !!??????!! .. Luckily I am smart enough to realise it soon enough and prefers to sleep on the cold hard floor

Look !!! see for yourself !!!

This looks better

YAWN .... good nite ...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Rusty has gone to a fosterer home :)

Sorry for the lack of post recently.

I had been very busy "guarding" Rusty for the past week. And I am glad to say that everyone think that I did a really very good job *** proud proud proud ****

Rusty has went to the vet again, and the vet says that her blood count and liver values are now back to NORMAL !! I AM SO HAPPY FOR HER.

I dont know about this blood count thingy, but apparently, the vet has to drawn some blood from Rusty and I think they count the blood or something. But how do they count blood? how to count liquid? I got absolutely no idea ....

I got a better way ... Well, you got to understands that sometimes, human just think too differently from us.

I have a fool-proof way to "count" the blood. What you do is to see the color of the tongue, gum or eye lid !!! If the color is more red than yesterday, that means the blood count is up !! Isnt that simple?

So what I did everyday was to ask Rusty to open her mouth REAL BIG and show me her tongue, like this

As you can see, Rusty's tongue is of the "correct" color now. When she first came her color was pinkish white.

And since she has recovered, we have "transferred" her to a fosterer home, to be adopted .... Well , How I wish Gal Gal will change her mind and keep Rusty.... but but but .. *sigh***

I said a prayer together with Rusty before she left for her fosterer's home. And look how Rusty prayed ....

Good luck Rusty !!! I WILL MISS YOU !!