Sunday, May 07, 2006

A new friend - Toto

Gal Gal brought me out today to meet her friend and her dog, Toto.

We were sitting at the bus stop waiting for Gal Gal's friend to turn up. Suddenly, I heard a very loud barking (Loud is an understatement, SUPER DUPER MEGA LOUD should be the correct phrase) but I see no dog around, only a gal who was about 50m away from us walking towards us ....

Then I realised that its Gal Gal's friend. Toto is in a doggie carrier but he is super fierce, he even showed me his teeth even though I tried to be friendly.

Because Toto was making so much noise, Gal Gal was saying, "Oh My Goodness !! Oh MY Goodness!" .... I think she said this countless of times ... Can you imagine, continuous barking on one side, the other side continuous chanting of "Oh My Goodness !" .... I nearly went bonkers with all those noise around me ....

Anyway ... Toto is so white like Benji .... I would have wanted to play with him, if not for his fierce attitude .... *sigh**

Hope to see you again Toto .. :)


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