Friday, April 28, 2006

My new "toy"

Fat Fat always says that as I am a much bigger dog than the rest, I need more exercise than my other brothers and sister at home. And his version of exercise is that he will bring me to work everyday ..... lamn right ? ....

Anyway, he says I got more space to run around, I can also "entertain" the staffs in the office (As if I am a clown or something).

But I do get to move around more in the office and sometimes the staffs will bring me for "long-distance marathon walk".

Anyway, I got a NEW toy in the office .... and guess what it is ....

errr ... I seriously doubt any of you will guess it ...

Anyway, my NEW toy is a rat !!!!!!! :) :) :)

How many of you get to play with rat by the way?

Everyone look at me in SHOCK and were stunned when one day they saw me with a half dead rat in MY MOUTH. There I was, tossing, pulling chasing the rat when Fat Fat shouted ............ did he think I am deaf or something ......

Anyway ..... somehow everyone were not happy about my new toy ...... funny people

My Family Tree

For those who are interested in my Family Tree, my Family consist of

  • Fat Fat, GAl Gal & Boy Boy Senior

  • Benji

  • Boy Boy the CKCS

  • Ah Gal the CKCS

  • Boo Boo the pug

  • My Family does seems quite big yeah ?

    Thursday, April 27, 2006

    Thief? Who? Me?

    I got a new name !!! ... And guess what?? Fat Fat is calling me a thief !!

    What happen was, Fat Fat bought a new pillow, I saw him taking the small pillow out from the plastic bag and putting it on the chair and seeing how small and tiny it is, I thought it was for ME!!

    So before Fat Fat knows it, I had already grab the pillow, put it nicely on the floor and slept on it .....

    WOW .... the size is just PERFECT for me ..... but alas ... who knows, for this I am labelled a "thief" ... Fat Fat says the pillow is for HIM !!!! Can you imagine it? such a gigantic person using such a small pillow?

    Anyway, the pillow is for me to keep now .... hiak hiak hiak hiak

    Tuesday, April 25, 2006

    Bathing time

    As I mentioned before, I love water, and obviously, I love bathing !!

    Photos speaks louder than words:

    WATER dog !!

    Do you guys know that I am a water dog? Well, not that I live in water like a fish, but rather, I love WATER .... be it sea water, tap water, rain water, water melon ... oppss .... thinking about food again ....

    I love going to the sea. I can smell the sea from at least one kilometre away. Everytime when Fat Fat brings me to the see, I will get soooooooooo excited, so much so that I even forgets my own name ...... ***embarrased***

    And the best part is I make a dash for the sea everytime I am there. This is how much I love the water. I am begining to wonder whether I am a fish or not ...

    Sometimes, I make do with a "pond" when there is no sea around :P

    I will upload more photos soon ...

    Thursday, April 20, 2006

    Weekends at Pet Movers

    I get to run at Pet Movers every weekend. I am normally there at very "wierd" hours, where there are minimal big dogs, like very early in the morning or slightly before or after noon. Well, reason being, I am a very naughty and bad dog.

    Fat Fat said that something might have happen to me previously, I could have fought with a big dog previously, which resulted in me being not very sociable with male big dogs, except my friends. (ie, I simply cant get along with strange male BIG DOGS). However, I am perfectly fine with small and female (big or small) dogs. I am a gentle harmless giant to small dogs, and a perfect gentleman with female dogs.

    Well, I gave Fat Fat a fright the first few times that he brought me to the dog run, but but but but ... I am just simply too terrified of BIG dogs that if any were to start running after me, or run towards my direction, I get TOTALLY FREAK OUT and I will start to snap and bite.

    I know I am a very bad dog, but Fat Fat is helping me with this problem and I have been improving since then. I do not get nervous with those big dogs whom I have met before in the dog run, but those NEW, STRANGE big dogs still freak me out.

    Well, when there are NEW, STRANGE big dogs in the run, Fat Fat will normally put me on leash and let me move around.

    I behave better when on leash, probably I feel more secured with Fat Fat around ... but I am not sure, its just my guess.

    Anyway, this is what I do best in the run

    Acting CUTE :)

    Cool Myself in the Pool :)

    Well, I hope to make more good friends in the run, big or small ......


    At Work

    Therapy job is actually pretty easy

    This is me and my partner-at-work

    All we have to do is to lie there and relax :)

    SERIOUSLY at work

    Look how eager I am to make friends with the people

    Actually, I have more photos to show, but Fat Fat reminded me that it may not be very nice to put up the photos of the patients ... well, Fat Fat is right :)

    Therapy DOG !!

    I am a certified Therapy Dog with Therapy Dogs, Singapore (TDS) !!! :) :)

    Well, what I do is that I will go to old folks home, Institute of Mental Health (IMH) and Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled (BHID) for therapy sessions with the patients there.

    Well, its acutally kind of an easy job, what I do is just to sit or lie there for the patients to hug, kiss, touch and errr ... yes ... grope me (sometimes!!)

    Some times, some patients will even talk to me, and I will have to open my ears BIG BIG .... as BIG as I could and give them my most charming smile.

    Well, not everyone can be a therapy dog. We have to go through a temperament test by a US trained certified trainer.

    What happens is that the trainer will assess our temperament by :-

    1) leaving us in a room alone without our owners and see our response, whether we will be nervous, whine or start having a nervous breakdown or something. What happens is that sometimes, when we go for therapy sessions, we will be left alone without our owners, well, our owners do need to visit the toilet or something right?

    2) having someone holding an umbrella, crutches, or wheelchair in the room. These are the things that we see in old folks homes and hospice, so we must be BRAVE and not show any fear in them :)

    3) and we must also know some basic obedience, like not accepting food when we are not told to. Who knows what the patients will feed us right?

    4) we will also be left in a room with dogs, we must be basically sociable as we do not want to see dogs fight in the home. That will be an ultimate embarrasement and the patients will be scared of us then.

    Well, I guess that's basically what happens during the assessment and those who make it through the assessment can be a therapy dog LIKE ME :)

    As of the last headcount, there are about 35 therapy dogs with TDS currently.

    And here's my pass :)

    Now, before everyone starts thinking along the wrong line, this pass is NOT for me. Every patients in the home can see who are the THERAPY DOGS, as in DOGS must be 4-legged right? So, this passed is more for my human companion. Just in case my other doggy friends mistook my human companion for a patient or something .... hiak hiak hiak ....

    Or when my human companion got lost, they can be return to us, the dogs.

    If you want to join me, you can register at

    Tuesday, April 18, 2006

    My "life" story

    It was by chance that I met Fat Fat, my current owner.

    I was wandering along Haig Road when Fat Fat found me. It was a hot afternoon and I had been wandering for God knows how long.

    Fat Fat tried to help me find my owner, but according to some security guards around the area where I was found, I had already been roaming around that area for 2 weeks!! And I was all skinny and slightly fur-less, so much so that Fat Fat thought that I am a mongrel .... ~!@#$%^&*()_+ how can such a beautiful dog like me be a mongrel. Well, not that mongrel are not beautiful, there are beautiful ones around, but but but but ..... hiya............

    Anyway, Fat Fat was kind enough to bring me home, Fat Fat said that I must have been a very naughty boy that my ex-owner would want to abandon me. Well, I will try to be good from now on ... i dread being abandon.

    Self Introduction

    Hi, my name is Bond, as in James Bond.

    I am a 3 year old Golden Retriever who loves to play, when I am not eating and sleeping, chances are I am playing. I love play so much that I can even give up my food just to play.

    And of cos, YES, I play with my food too :)

    Aren't I charming ?