Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I bite Gal Gal ......

well ..... I am feeling all so guilty now ... so guilty guilty now ... what should I do ? Luckily, Gal Gal is not very angry with me now ... but still im guilty ... how how how?

As all of you know, I love to play a lot, and sometimes, when I am too engross in my play, I totally forget that I am a super strong dog at 29 KG ...

I always think that I am still a small puppy in a giantic grown up body.

anyway, what happen was that I was playing ball with Gal Gal and I was all out to get the ball from Gal Gal and who knows, I accidentally snap her on her leg.

And now Gal Gal has a bruise as big as a full palm size, now let me see ... thats as good as about 5 - 6 of my paw size !!!!!!!

Damn ......... how how how

Guilty Look


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