Friday, November 21, 2008

See you around Patches

Sometimes this week, while I was busy working in the office, the lady with the sexy, beautiful and slender legs walked into the office again.

For a moment, I thought she is here to dump another bag and ANOTHER dog.

But she looked different today, she smelt of salt and look more sexy than before

She spoke a few words with Fat Fat and then left the office with these !!!

Oh My Dog !!! She left with the bag and the dog !!!!!!!

Me : Hey Lady !!! I thought you say the dog is MINE ? for me to KEEP ? where are you going with her ?

Lady : Yes, she is yours to keep for the past few days. Not anymore from today ....

Me : you mean ..... no more ? ..... no more ???? ....... you ... you .... you .... you .... but I like her ...................................

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our initial encounter with Patches

The other day when Girl Girl brought Patches home from office, she was slowly introduced to Boo Boo, Boy Boy and Gal Gal the CKCS one by one.

For those who are not familiar, this is Boy Boy and Gal Gal the CKCS.

Everything went on smoothly until Gal Gal the CKCS came. Some of you may know that Cavaliar King Charles Spaniel are hunting dogs. And when that silly Gal CKCS saw Patches, who is only like one third of Gal's the CKCS size, she immediately thought that it is a toy or prey or mop or whatever, I have no idea whats in her mind. ..... But the moment she saw her, she just pounces on her, aiming for Patches neck ...... but before she could do any damage, Girl Girl put a stop to it and Gal the CKCS was given a trashing, left right, front back, centre, up down ..... everywhere ..... .... and she was told to behave if she still wants to see tomorrow .....

But I can't blame her, its her instinct, the hunter instinct in her made her like this.

Anyway, Patches was unhurt, and she is fine.

And Gal the CKCS was 'educated' on how to behave and play with Patches and they are playing with each other fine now.

This is a picture taken of them within 20 minutes of the about to happen "attack". Dont you think they look sweet ? Like ..... errrr .... .mother and daughter ? :P

Oh yes, I forgot to mentioned, ever since she came, Girl Girl the human mentioned something that she has a furry shadow ..... shadow = furry ??????? is Girl Girl growing fur now ? just like us ???????????? yipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Monday, November 17, 2008

Run Away Kid - Guess who ?

Last saturday, while I was in the office, I saw this pair of slender, beautiful, sexy legs walking into the office with a bag and a tiny dog.

The dog is soooooooooooooooooooo tiny, that I bet my ONE paw is heavier than its whole body.

Anyway, the lady with the slender, beautiful, sexy legs told me that this small little dog is running away from home and she has packed a luggage full of things with her. Look at this, the bag is even BIGGER than her !!!!!! And why is she running away from this pair of slender, beautiful, sexy legs ?

Let me go figure out this little doggie ..... is this her bum or head ?

Later, to my horror, the lady with the sexy, slender, beautiful legs left without the dog !!!!

Me : Hey Lady !!!! You forgot the bag !! and HER !!!!!!!!!!!

Sexy Lady : She is now YOURS !!!!! To keep !!!!

Me : Mine ?????????????? To Keep ???????????????? Who ??????? me ?????

But but but but but .... .but she is so small, i can easily squash her by just landing my paw on her, not to mentioned sit on her.

Wait a minute !!!!!!! How about giving her to my brother Boo Boo, Hiak Hiak Hiak Hiak .........

I shall do that !!!! My dear Boo Boo ..... get ready, I got a girlfriend for you .....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Adventure with the minister

Oh man !!! It has been 2 months since I last blog !!!!!

I am getting lazier, and lazier and lazier and lazier and ................. OK ENOUGH!!!

Anyway, I had a 2 hour walk around our estate with Gal Gal last week, and we walked and walked and walked and walked and walked until I thought we were never going to stop. And somehow, we ended up in Sembawang where those people are getting ready for a walkathon, there was some very loud music there and a lot of people. And those people are very excited about the event.

Well, I was very tired after walking for 2 hours and bearing in mind that we need to walk back home, Gal Gal went to get some water for me and herself. So she conveniently found a pillar and tied me to the pillar and off she went in search for water.

The moment Gal Gal came back, she was shocked that there were about 10 people, including one policeman surrounding me ...... some were asking "whose dog is this?", "This dog is huge", "this dog is so docile" ..... ..... .... .... and among these people was Singapore's Minister for Law and Second Minster for Home Affairs, Mr K Shanmugam, who was there to officiate the walkathon.

Well and as for me, I just sat there enjoying all the attention. Well, how could anyone not have their attention on such a handsome boy like me right?

Anyway, Gal Gal came back to me and let me have my LONG DESERVED water ........ man !!!! I have never been that thirsty before. Anyway, that was my brief encounter with our Minister. Oh yes, I think he likes me.