Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Yeah !! I have been tagged by Pearly and Amber Mae.

I have to say 7 facts about myself. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names.

So here are 7 amazing facts about myself

1) I think I am a puppy in a giant body. I like to sit on Gal Gal's lap ALL THE TIME (Gal Gal is always wondering why her leg is still intact)

2) I like to play (READ : torture) small animals like rats.

3) I do not normally finish my food immediately, sometimes I share my food with the rats in the middle of the night :)

4) I am a silly big bully who likes to run and crash into my smaller brothers like Boo Boo

5) I love water and BATHS !!!

6) I love grooming !!!!

7) I love Gal Gal more than Fat Fat (shhhhhhhhh .... Fat Fat is gonna bash me up if he reads this)

YEAH !!!! I got no one to tag !!! I am always late !!!! :)

Friday, May 25, 2007

I tagged MYSELF :)

I see everyone getting tagged and since no one wants to tag me, I will tag MYSELF :) I want to be part of the "gang", I refused to be left out ... hahahhahahahahha

So the rules says

1) Post a picture of myself and another dog (or another animal)
2) A funny caption to go with the picture
3) Tag others

This is me and Mr Giant, a great dane. Dont I look as big as him :P ... Kidding, camera tricks :P

This is me and Joey doing therapy work

Tada !!! This is how I tagged myself :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My leg is sick :(

I sprained my hind leg :( I am now limping :( I am sad :(

I also dont know how I sprained my leg, but I was running around a lot yesterday .... and before I knew it, I sprained my leg :(

I am going to rest now :(

Monday, May 14, 2007

Good Bye Dear FuFu

My dear friend FuFu went over to the Rainbow Bridge on 12th March 2007.

This is a very sad news indeed, Jay, FuFu, Boo Boo and myself started blogging at almost around the same time, and while we were still new to the blogging world then, we make very good friends with each other. Our owners also soon became friends.

We are very sad that FuFu have left us.

We will always remember FuFu to be a very active, cute, adorable and friendly Hams-terrier. He was the only non-dog who make it into the Dogs With Blogs as a honorary member.

Bye FuFu. We will miss you deeply.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sharing my sofa

I have decided that it can be very lonely on my sofa alone. So guess what?

I decided you share my sofa with Boo Boo

Notice the gap in between Boo Boo and me, well, thats actually for Gal Gal, we have come out with a plan to squeeze Gal Gal when she sits on it .... hahahhahahahah

Shhhhhhhh ..... top secret, dont tell her

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Door Keeper

Wow ! Its been a long time since I update on my job scope in the office.

Let's see, besides being a Pest Control Manager, IT Manager, Security Manager, I am also a Door Manager. .... errrr ... Door Manager? .... sounds wierd yeah?

But basically, what I do is look after the door, I make sure that no one comes in and take our things. If they do, I bark. Yes, thats the only thing I do, I bark. Not bite.

Come to thing of it, doesnt that makes me a door bell? ... hmmm .... or should I call myself a Door Bell Manager?

And I think I do a very good job and I have been trained not to leave the office even when the door is open ! Yes, I am a responsible doggies.

This is me at work

No body is interested to come to the office ..... IM BORED STARING AT THE DOOR !!!!