Monday, May 08, 2006

My going-to-be first fun fair


I am going to the first fun fair of my life next month !!!!

Listen to this "FUN FAIR". I really have no idea whats going to hapen there but just by listening to the name itself makes me so excited !! I am sure its going to be FUN and theres gonna be lots of games and exciting stuffs waiting for me there.

Well, what happen is that Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (SWAMI) will be organizing a Charity Food and Fun Fair on 18 June 2006, from 10am to 5pm with the objective of raising funds. The fun fair, which will be held at SWAMI Home, will house a targeted 100 stalls selling food, beverages and merchandise, along with some game stalls as well.

Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (SWAMI) is a home for the aged-sick, disabled and homeless. Its aim is to serve the elderly in our society, providing them quality care and services, ensuring their well-being. SWAMI currently offers services like Residential Care of 190 capacity, Day Care Services, Home Care Services and has just extended the intake of 50-bedded ward for dementia patients and patients for our Day Care Centers due to the demand by community. Without any funding, they would be unable to continue such services.

The AMAZING part is Therapy Dogs Singapore has been allocated a PHOTOGRAPHY STALL !!

and what happen is that people will pay to take photos with US !! THE DOGS !! ... WOW .... isn't this amazing. And there is also going to be a pull cart where children can take ride on a cart pulled by dogs !! ...

I am so excited now !! ... If you guys want my PAWTOGRAPH, please remember to come to the FUN FAIR ok?

For more details, you may also like to check out SWAMI's website.

Oh !! So excited !! I cant sleep tonight ...


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