Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My latest Catch and Victim


Remember I am a Pest Control Manager in the office?

See my latest catch in the office !!! RATS RATS RATS !! BABY RATS !!!!

We set up traps for them by putting some cashew nuts on a cardboard with some sticky gums on it, and the BABY RATS glued themselves to the cardboard !!!


Friday, June 22, 2007

Rossi needs help

Hey everyone, visit my new friend Rossi :)

Ok, Rossi got a tiny problem here. His owner suspect that he has got Hip Dysplasia .... hmmmmm .... and he is only 5.5 months old, does anyone have any special advise for him.

I only knows that

1) glucosamine is good for him
2) swimming is good for him
3) slippery floorings are bad for him
4) stairs are bad for him
5) he should watch his weight, however, this maybe a little tricky here as Rossi is still a growing puppy.

Anyone has any advise for Rossi? Help him ok?

Muacks Muacks all the nice doggies :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Me - Up for loan

I was up for loan last Sunday.

What happen was that someone from the office wanted to bring me out and Fat Fat gave her permission to do so ......

So off we went ........ hmmmmmm ..... feels funny going out with her .... hmmmm .... something is missing, something is wrong without Gal Gal and Fat Fat with me ...

hmmmmmmmmm ..... I am in doubt whether she knows how to take good care of me .... hmmmmm ....

Anyone else wants to "rent" me? eerrrrr .... For free I mean

Monday, June 11, 2007

Go away Air, Air

Last week, Gal Gal had a tummyache. Her tummy was pretty upset and there are some air in it, which made Gal Gal miserable.

And Gal Gal was lying on bed the whole time .... oh no !!! No walks with Gal Gal for me, no play with Gal Gal for me .... NO NOTHING !!!

Gosh !!! I had to do something

Oh, poor tummy, how are you?

Let me listen to the air inside the tummy

Hey AIR ! Listen to me NOW !! Leave Gal Gal's tummy NOW !! OR ELSE .....

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Answer : Eating a bone !!

Wow ! None of you guess what was I doing correctly. Hmmmmm .... quite a tough one yeah? Next time I shall give a clearer picture. :)

The answer is : I was eating a bone !!!! Gal Gal said that I should be a clean and considerate boy. So, when I eat bones in the office, Gal Gal will give me a super duper mega big piece of paper and I will eat my bones on it, so that I do not dirty the floor in the office. And I am not suppose to let the bone leave that piece of paper or else it will be confiscated. And I have to say Bye Bye to my delicious bone bone :( (YES !! GAL GAL IS EVIL !!! )

So if you look at this

You would notice that part of the paper is wet and torn, and when that happens, I must remember to shift my bone bone to the other parts where the paper is .....

Why must they make my life so difficult ?? Its just only eating a bone isn't it ?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Guess what am i doing?

Quick ! Guess What am I doing?

Answer will be out tomorrow : )

Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy Vesak Day !!!

Happy Vesak Day to all doggies !!!

Yeah !!! Holiday !!! Holiday !!!

I dont quite know what Vesak Day is for, except that its a public holiday and the Buddhist celebrates it.

But as long as it play and fun day and holiday for me! its cool !!!!

I love holidays !! Any doggies who like holidays too?