Monday, September 07, 2009

I am Back !!!

Hey every dogs and pups !!!

How is everyone ?

Sorry for the lack of post for the past HALF YEAR oH mY dOG !! I didnt realise it had been tat long !!

I will leave it to Boo Boo to update you of what has been happening for the past months.

As for myself, I am showing signs of ageing, my muzzle is slowly growing white, I am starting to show signs of anxiety and depression. hmmmmmm ...... this is not a good sign .....

This is handsome and the much younger me, note the color of my muzzle, it is mainly golden with less white.

This is the STILL handsome but old me. Look at the color around my muzzle and eyes .... they are mostly white than golden now !!

Look !!! even my legs and bums are white now ......

But dont worry every doggies and pups! This is a natural progression which we all have to go through ..... This process is what I call a M.A.N.L.Y progression .... hehehehe