Friday, September 29, 2006

Pedicure ? Manicure?

Just the other day, I saw Gal Gal doing pedi and manicure. And after that, her nails look so nice and beautiful !! I WANT TO HAVE BEAUTIFUL NAILS TOO !!!! I WANT ! I WANT ! I WANT ! .....

However, Gal Gal said that my nails are already PERFECT and nice and beautiful and neat and that I do not need pedi and manicure done. Further, only gals need to paint their nails, not MALES like me, I AM NOT A SISSY

To satisfy my vanity, I decided to imagine and "stimulate" a Pedi and manicure sessions. I am not sure whether you guys have seen it before. What happen is that after your nails are painted, you have to put your hands under a machine where they will heat up and blow dry your nails so that the paintings on the nails sets in nicely and dry up faster.

So here is a video of me imagining that my nails are being dry under the machine :)

WOW .... it feel just so so so so so nice .... to be doing my "imaginary" pedi and manicure ...... WAIT ..... should it be "pawi-cure" instead ???

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Eye Power

I was at the door the other day and Fat Fat walk in with 2 packet of drinks, and he hung the drinks at the door and turn to tell me, "Bond, (pointing to drink) NO, dont touch, see only"

So I stare and stare and stare at the 2 packet of drinks on the door.

And guess what? the handle to one of the drink gave way, and "PIAK" ..... the drink landed on the floor !! And because Fat Fat told me "dont touch, see only" ..... so being a good boy that I always am, I continue to sit and do what I was told. I continue to stare at the other pack of drinks.

And guess what again? The other pack also give way while Fat Fat was clearing the first pack that landed on the floor .............

This is what I call eye power ......

I am looking at you now ............... look into my eyes

Monday, September 11, 2006

It's SNOWING !!!!

Can you believe it? Its snowing here in Singapore, Sunny Side Singapore, where we are near the equator and only known to have one season = SUMMER, yet its SNOWING !!!

It has been snowing for the past 3 - 4 days, except that its snowing fur .......

Yes, you guess it, its that time again when I shed .... And everytime when I move or shake, my fur starts flying all over the place !! You will actually think that its snowing cos my fur is golden and looks like WHITE under the lights ..... So its SNOWING ....

I am so excited to see snow !! ..... but for some reasons, the humans are not that happy about the snow .... I wonder why .....

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Cheeky Encounter

I was minding my own business in the office the other day, lying around the photocopying machine .... watching the staffs getting busy in the office.

One staff who has shoulder length hair (remember my fetish for shoulder length hair women?) came over to the photocopying machine.

I was so captivated by her hair that I sit up straight from a lying down position, in the process of doing that, somehow, my head ended up IN her skirt. So errrrr ... yes .... my whole head went inside her skirt ......

While I was enjoying that, the whole office laugh so loudly that err ... yeah ... I embarrased myself again .....

BUT IT WAS FUN !!! hahahahahahahah

And this is the first time I see a RED FACED shoulder length hair lady :)

Cheeky Cheeky

I have decided to share with all my DARK SECRET which I had always kept to myself ... but plsssssss .... do not spread the word around, else the whole world will know my DARK SECRET .... keep it to yourself ok?

Here it goes .... I have a fetish for women with shoulder length hair. ***shy shy embarrased***

I just can't help it !!! I just can't control myself !!! I mean everytime I see women with shoulder length hair (And I mean ANY women, young or old), I will just sit there and stare at the woman and refuse to move. You can actually see my head following the movement of the lady. And sometimes, if I really can't control myself, I will run up to the lady asking for a pat on my head. But not everyone is as friendly, some are actually scared of my size *sigh***

And this can be so embarrasing to whoever is bringing me out for a walk at that time. Can you imagine, me sitting down in the middle of the road staring and drooling at a shoulder length hair passerby, refusing to move at all? And I will only move after the lady is out of sight .....

The only two person who can make me move is Fat Fat and Gal Gal ..... If its anyone else who brings me out for the walk, they will look very stupid, pulling on the leash trying to make me move ... which I of cause, cant be bother with them at all ...

Women women women ... I mean shoulder length hair women ... ***Drool Drool drool *****