Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I love Long Weekends

I simply love LONG WEEKENDS !!! Well, actually, everyday feels like weekends for me as I do not need to work or such. But last weekend, I heard its a holiday or something, and Fat Fat dont need to work so he bought me to quite a few places ...

And guess what? I forgot to bring my camera as I was so excited .... DAMN ... How I wish I could share some photos with you guys !!

Anyway, as usual, I went to Pet Movers, spend my day running, chasing the smaller dogs, cooling myself in the pond and babe watching there.

I also went to the BEACH !! YES !!! BEACH !!! hahahahaha ... boy !!! so many bikinis babe in the beach .... WOOOOOOOO .... opppss .... errr ... Yes, I was saying I went to the beach for a swim .... it has been a long time since I did that ...

And I also went to the Istana, well I mean Fat Fat went to the Istana, and I spent my time at the nearby Istana Park while waiting for him to finish his business with the President .

I love holidays ..... since elections is here, can some one ask the government or whoever for MORE HOLIDAYS please?


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