Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy New Year

Here's wishing one and all a HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR !!!!!!

New Year is Good !! New Year means theres lots of goodies and fun for me :D

Legend has it that there is this demon by the name of "Nian". It will go around eating people and one day, the people discovered that "Nian" is afraid of fire, loud sounds and the color red. So they killed "Nian" with fireworks and fire crackers. And from then on, Chinese New Year is celebrated with fireworks and fire crackers to signify the riddence of the bad and good news flowing in :D

In Singapore, we have fire works

We do not have fire crackers, in fact its illegal in Singapore

This 2 are not exactly my kind of New Year fun as they are very very very loud and errr ... yes, too loud for my liking.

Oh yes, this is the year of the oink oink .... Happy New Year everyone :D We must be friendly to the oink oink :D

Arent he a cutie oink oink ?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Olympics 2008, HERE I COME

Gal Gal brought me swimming one day.

It the first time that I swim in a pool, well not exactly my kind of swimming, I prefer the beach and the sea. But, its really better than nothing.

Gal Gal mentioned that big huge dogs like me are prone to hip problems, she said its something like "hip displeasure" ...... hmmmmm , wierd, I am never displease with my hips before, what is she talking about??

Anyway, Gal Gal said that swimming is good for my hips. And guess what? She made me swim, swim, swim, swim, swim, swim sooooooo MANY laps ..... I have never swam so many laps before in my life, ........ she made me swim about 34 laps in total ....... Thank God she let me rest and run and play after every 4 laps ...... and it took us a total of 4 hours to finish the whole 34 laps .... ***pant pant pant**** .... I was sored and tired after the swim and I slept like there was no tomorrow. She said she is preparing me for Olympics 2008, I shall be the first doggy to win a DOGGY MEDAL !!!

This is a video of me swimming, noticed that I didnt actually want to swim anymore, this is me doing my 32nd lap, but I still do it to please Gal Gal .......... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .... so tired now

Friday, February 09, 2007

Good and bad news

Ok, I have a piece GOOD and a piece of BAD news .....

hmmmmm ...... GOOD NEWS FIRST ..... The good news is Fat Fat is back !!! :) YIPEEEEEE .... I no longer have to worry about whether I will be bullied in the office :) And now I am back to myself ! A happy, lively, smiley DOGGY !!!!!!

The BAD NEWS is ........... Fat Fat will be away in Japan for not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, but 7 (SEVEN) days next month !!!!!!! What am I going to do???? Will I be half dead again? I hope I will not be dead before he comes home ..... sigh .... What am i going to do?

Depressed mode ...................................

NO !!! I WILL NOT LET THIS GET ME DOWN !!!!!!! I can do without FAT FAT !!!! ..... since he abandoned me for Japan I will ..... I will ..... I willl ............

........ I will wait for him to return ....................... *****sigh*****

Sunday, February 04, 2007

I am half dead

Where is Fat Fat? I have not seen him for about 4 days last week. WHERE IS HE? I think Fat Fat may have evaporated from the surface of the earth.

I am so depressed that Fat Fat is not around, Gal Gal is also not in the office ..... and I am left all alone in the office with the staffs in the office ..... I want Fat Fat !!!! What if those people in the office bully me? What if they forgot to feed me? what if, what if, what if .....

Can someone tell Gal Gal not to send me to the office pls???? I want to stay AT HOME !!! Well, unless Fat Fat is in the office as well ....

The people in the office said that I look like half dead without Fat Fat around ...... yeah ...... yeah .... yeah .... Im dead soon if I dont see Fat Fat .....

HELP !!!!! Someone call the SPCA pls !!! This is mental torture !!!!!!!!!

Oh ....... did i hear someone say that Fat Fat is on a business trip to Macau ? ....... Where is that ? I want to go too !!!! ......... any DWB members from Macau? Can you pls send my Fat Fat to me pls