Friday, January 30, 2009

Walking with Zen

This is the first time that Girl Girl will be walking me with another dog, Zen.

But our first walk with Zen turns out to be fantastic! Zen initially will pull on the leash but after a few correction, she does not pull on the leash anymore! And when she is ask to sit, she sits immediately ! Thats so wonderful!

Instead of holding on to 2 leashes, Girl Girl tied Zen and my leash together to form a super long leash, about 3 meters long and what she will do is to hold on to the centre of the leash with one hand and if any of us are moving too fast, she will use the other hand to tug on our leash for our correction. She figured that since I am bigger and easier to control, Zen cant run far with me at the other side of the leash right ? ...... She is so clever, yes, there is no way that Zen can pull me away from Girl Girl, and I will walk just so close to her.

Yeah !!!! I enjoy my long walkie with Zen !!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Walking Rules

Some of you may have already known that we have 2 new kids in our village for this Chinese New Year.

And since Boo Boo has briefed them on the house rules, I shall brief Zen on the walking rules.

Since this is a serious topic, I have to be very serious here.
Zen : What's walking rules ?

Bond : Walking rules are rules you have to obey during your daily walk .........

Bond : Rule number 1 : DO NOT ever tug or pull on the leash or entangle your leash onto the humans leg ......... if the human ever falls down, they will squash you into "zen zen juice". I cant imagine Fat Fat sitting onto you and squashing you into juices.

Rule number 2 : When the human say SIT and STAY, you have only 3 seconds to react to the command, or else, you will feel a very hard leash landing onto your head. The human dont use their hands to slap us, they use the leash to slap us during our walk, for your info .....

Zen : ****GASPPPP******

Bond : Rule number 3 : Do not EVER, NEVER roll yourself onto dog / cat poo during your walk ..... or else, they will skin you alive ....


Bond : simple ? we only have 3 walking rules to remember ? Isnt life great ?

Zen : MUMMY .......... this is not the kind of holiday resort I am looking for !!! I WANT TO GO HOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bond : ...... ***EVIL GRIN***** .............. oh ! grow up and stop whinningggggggggg .......

Bond: Can someone just ask that kid to stop whinning and shut up ....................

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What's with you lady?

Girl Girl always bring me on a long long long long long long walk on weekends, sometimes, the walk can last an hour, sometimes 2, and sometimes the whole afternoon.

A couple of weekends ago, we went to our usual park. That's a huge park with a human play ground, a wishing well and a small enclosure where Girl Girl will let me run off leash.

I do a lot of things in the park, I check the trees and bushes for pee-mail, I see the children playing, I see people jogging, and I do my own business.

I was doing my own business, checking out mails like this
Ok, you have to search deep into the bushes, just in case any doggies left me any secret pee-mail.

Suddenly, a muslim lady shouted, yes she shouted at us. The exchange between that muslim lady and Girl Girl are as follows:-

Muslim Lady (ML) SHOUTING : Hey ! You can't let your dogs pee there! Don't you know that there are children playing there?

Girl Girl (GG) talking in a calm tone : Hey! Don't your children play in the play ground? I have never seen any children playing here (pointing to the bushes) before? And the laws says that I have to pick up my dogs poo, it does not states that dogs are not allowed to pee here. If they don't pee here, can you please tell me where he should pee? In the toilet or your house ?

ML SCREAMING AND SHOUTING : I will call the police and authority and report you!

GG smiling : Please go ahead. By the way, do you have a mobile phone with you now? Do you want to take a photo of me and my dog? It's good that you have a photo of us in case the authority ask.

ML SCREECHING : ~!@#$%^&*()_+_)(*&&^^$$!~ (vulgarities)

GG : Yeah Yeah Yeah ..... I will be waiting for you.

ML proceeded to walk to the bus stop besides the park. GG and me walked behind her, following her to the bus stop.

ML SHOUTING : Why are you following me? ~!@#$%^&*()_+_)(*&^%$#@!~

GG : Hello, Dear, this is a park, I am walking my dog, why cant I walk here? Do I have to pay road tax or something ?

ML continues to walk to the bus stop. GG and me walked up to the bus stop and just hang around there.

ML kept staring at us.

When ML finally boarded the bus, GG smiled and waved goodbye to her ........ I guess this just simply pissed that ML off even more ..... hhahahahhahahahahahahahhaha

Well, you see, I was checking for my pee-mail here.
See the small tiny tree on the right of the photo? I was there checking the pee-mail. And that is at least 4 metre away from the walk path. Now tell me, which child will play in the bushes there when the play ground is about 50metres away? And the playground comes with slides, swings, see-saw, and everything ! Which child will play in the bushes with me there ?

GG just dont understand why the ML have to start shouting and screaming at us? Can't she tell us nicely? And further more, we had not done anything which are against the law or which is wrong. .............

What a day ....... but I still enjoyed myself. :) making the ML pissed, that is :P