Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dinner at Robertson Walk

I had dinner at a very nice dinning place at Robertson Walk.

Its a dog friendly place with many pubs and restaurants and they even have a super duper mega big screen where they screen soccer. WOW !!!

See the many restaurants here?

And a nice fountain

Hey ! I got to go, before my dinner got eaten up by ..... you know who ....

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Operation Bring Beau HOME

We came to know that an ARMY OFFICER, Stormy, from the troop of Army of Four is recruiting for a mission to bring Beau home. For those who are not familiar, Beau is Hammer's brother. And Beau has been lost for a long long time. You can read about Beau here.

Although I have never been in the army, I know I still can make a good recruit with my wit and youth .... hahahahah

Ok, here's what we are going to do.


2) A MISSION TAG - a mission tag is important as it helps to identify the suspects and the troopers. ONLY troopers have mission tag

Operation Bring Beau Home

3) Commander give strict instructions that FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION .........

Oh dear !!! I better get my butts moving before! Lets see, most of the troopers are already on land now, so, I shall start with water !!! Who knows, the suspects might have hidden Beau somewhere near water.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Gal Gal misses and loves me a lot .....

And how do I know ?

Cos I received this pic from Gal Gal while she is doing her business in Kangaroo-land.