Sunday, May 28, 2006

Rain Rain go away

It had been raining since morning today, into the late afternoon. I thought I would be heading to the dog run today as usual, rain or shine....

But who knows, Fat Fat came up with the BRIGHT IDEA that since I had a super long walk yesterday, I probably do not need any exercise today. But but but but but .... that was yesterday !!! Today is today !! Today I have not got any exercise yet !!!!

Alas, Fat Fat then brought me for my usual walk, and I asked him,' How bout MY bath then?" I always bath in dog run you know ..... Guess what next ??? Fat Fat bath me in the house toilet !!!!

Can you believe that ????? Bathing in the small toilet??? ....

**faint*** I hope the rain goes away every weekend ... so that they do not have any more excuse of not bringing me out .....


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