Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Poor Meow Meow in my office

Something HORRIBLE happened !!!!!!

Yesterday, when Fat Fat open the back door to the office, I ran out AS FAST AS my long legs could take me and guess what ? We, no its actually, ME !! I found a small little catty, Meow Meow ...... the meow meow is still a very small kitty, maybe she is still a kitty I think.

But that is not the HORRIBLE part, the HORRIBLE part is that, meow meow's leg is ROTTING !!!!!!! And meow meow cant move at all , except to meow meow meow meow meowwwwwww ....

So, Fat Fat brought meow meow into the office and put her on a cabinet. But meow meow have very funny legs, her legs are all straighten and cannot be moved.

As Fat Fat is not good with meow meow (He is only good with Royal Species like DOGS !!) so he called the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

And when those guys came, they took a look at meow meow and said that someone had intentionally broken meow meow leg and left it to die there. hmmmmmm ....... dont let me find that idiot who did that to meow meow , I will bite his bum off and sit on his legs till his legs break too !!

And they took meow meow and left ..... I wonder if the SPCA guys will save meow meow or put it to sleep ....... But whatever the SPCA do, I think they have the best interest of meow meow at heart .......

Bye meow meow ....... poor meow meow, if only you know how to open the bark door, I would have welcome you with open paws, you could stay with me you know .......

Oh yeah, to save all your appetite, I will save all the horrible pictures for my personal viewing :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Leg Pain Pain

I think I am very accident prone recently ***sad****

After my latest protest from my tummy, now my paw pads are also protesting :(

What happen is I went running and playing and running and playing for 2 solid hours last week and I was so happy running and playing that I totally forgot about my tired paw pads.

And both my front paw have a 1 cm tear each ...... Not sure if you can actually see it here .... but this is how my paw pad looks like ...... See that It is actually sore and red and part of the pad are falling off?

And this is my miserable face ...... ouch ouch ..... leg pain pain

Monday, November 05, 2007

I met up with Fei's EVE !!!

Thanks everyone for the concern, I have recovered from my tummyache ..... now my tummy is back to normal and is doing what it should be doing :)

Now that I am back, I want to tell you guys that I met up with Fei's, human - Eve !!!

Eve came all the way to see me from Japan !!! OK, not quite, Eve is back here in Singapore to visit her family and we met up for claypot rice.

I was supposed to meet her at 7pm, and everyone was late except 2 of the human and one dog (aka me) ......

I waited and waited and waited and waited ......

YEAH !!!! Beautiful EVE appear before me !!!! I tell you, Eve looks gorgeous !! and she is very nice and gentle with me ..... I had my first doggy lollipop all the way from Japan !!

I like Eve, hope to see you soon in Singapore Eve !! Take care :)