Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Accident prone ? or Accident maker?

I notice that Gal Gal is pretty much accident prone recently. However, instead of blaming herself, she blame ME!!!! What is this world coming to? She got into an accident, and she blame me??? Am I her keeper or what ??

But come to think of it, the accidents did happen because of me, but shouldn't she be taking care of herself MORE?? *scratch head**

Incident 1 - errr ... Ok, this is an accident by me, but doesnt she knows how to move away??!!

Incident 2

I was running in the dog run as usual, then Gal Gal called me from the middle of the dog run. As I wanted to let her know that I had perfected my recall, I ran to her promptly and at a super fast speed.

However, I was not able to stop in time and I bang into her, causing her to make fly into the sky and promptly landed on her bum ....

Errr ... doesnt she knows how to move away AGAIN ???

***sigh*** I really do not know what to make of this ..... Is she a statue or something? or am I really accidents maker?

hmmmm. ...........


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