Friday, December 29, 2006

Holiday mood :)

Wow !!! .... I must have been so lazy lately, I cant believe that I have not been updating my blog for soooooooooo long, it must be the holiday :P

Anyway, I went to the Singapore Dog Bloggers Xmas Party last week end and I finally met up with Friendly Bear Bear

And I tell you, I like Bear Bear immediately !!! He is so cute, so sweet and just so gentle !!!

Oh yeah, besides this party, I was also at a few other parties ... with lots of fun playing with other doggies ....

hmmm .... when is the next party?

Monday, December 11, 2006

IT Manager

I hold multi portfolios in the office, and one of which is IT manager.

Any virus / hacker who wants to get to our office computer has to get passed ME first ....

And this is how I guard against virus and hacker

And of cos, I update my blog where all is well :P

See, the role of an IT manger is not easy yeah?

Monday, December 04, 2006

Don't mess with me

Some of you guys knows that I goes to work everyday, I shall dedicate the next few post to MY WORK. So that you guys knows exactly what your human does at work, in case some of you are wondering.

There is this irritating guy in the office, everyone calls him Ah Sheng, well, except me, I never once address him at all. The irritating thing about him is that everytime Ah Sheng sees me in the morning, he likes to show me his fist and pretend to hit me, and me, being a very naive dog, always believes that he will hit me.

One morning, I was not very happy and moody as it was raining and I miss my usual morning walk, and this Ah Sheng shows me his fist again.... I was pissed !!! I growl at him and the next thing I knew, I SNAP AT HIM, AIMING FOR HIS BIG FAT JUICY FIST ... lucky for him, his reflex was fast and I miss him.

Knew what he did next? He went to complain to Fat Fat !!! Said I wanted to bite him. Lucky Fat Fat was on my side, and Fat Fat said this to Ah Sheng, "Why does he only want to bite you when there are so many people in the office? There must be a reason." (Obviously, Fat Fat knew and saw what Ah Sheng did to me every time with his fist) ....

Growl ..... DONT MESS WITH ME .... I maybe be a Smiling Dog but that doesnt mean you can bully me .......