Monday, October 23, 2006

The thing about Rusty

Rusty has been with us for a few days already.

And the good news is, she is going strong stronger strongest .... and she is bring more live into my life .... she is very funny though and a smart lass I must say.

Episode 1

Rusty is made to stay in a box as Fat Fat says that she has to rest and not move about too much else she will not recover.

So me being the good old brother that I am, I was given the task of "guarding" her. And I will bark to get the human's attention when she comes out of her box. But she is a smart lass, when she hears me barking, she will jump inside the box again !!! ARgggg ...... Luckily Gal Gal trust me enough to know that I didnt give them the false alarm ... PHEW ....

Episode 2

RUSTY was left in the room all by herself (in the box), suddenly, we heard some papers sounds, like dogs shedding papers, we went into the room, RUSTY's head and 1/2 body were inside a paper bag where the human kept her dry food and minced beef for the day.

RUSTY was happily helping herself to to the minced beef, she removed the plastic cover and helped herself to the minced beef ......

Greedy bottomless pit!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Eventful day sssss

It has been an eventful day and days for me. Let me explain.

One day, Gal Gal was on the road and there was an accident. Well, I was not at the accident scene and heard that Gal Gal saw this puppy with its mummy walking on the pavement. Then I guess the puppy decides to be a little naughty and ran out onto the road, a car came and the puppy was knocked down by a car.

Of cos the mummy dog was not happy and ran over to save her puppy, but in the process, the mummy dog got knocked down by a motor cyclist and the mummy dog died instantly on the road as the motor cyclist was travelling way too fast.

Clear so far? To cut all the long story short, Gal Gal took pity of the puppy and brought her home. And guess what ????? All of us didnt know of her existence until today !!!! I really dont understand why Gal Gal want to keep it from us .... Oppppsss ..... by the way, I am the only one who knows of her existence, even Boo Boo does not know of the puppy's existence till now .... Well, serve him right! Who ask him to sleep and eat all day !!!

This new gal on the block is name RUSTY!! .... and why rusty? See for youself

Doesnt she looks like she is a rusting dog? Thers rust all over her !! all those brown and black fur.

RUSTY has been to the vet and say that she has got low blood count and that she may have damaged her liver from the impact of the crash. So she is resting at home now .... And I am guarding over her, making sure that she does not move or run about.

Gal Gal actually praise that I am a very good guard dog you know ! Everytime that RUSTY moves, I will bark at her to stay put !! Thats how good I am at that.

I will update on RUSTY soon.

By the way, Gal Gal said that RUSTY will be rehome and cant stay with us, Gal Gal's hand are full, her left hand is for Boo Boo and right hand for me, .... so she has not got any extra space ..... cant she keep RUSTY on her head or something? hmmmmmm

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Funny video clips

I chance upon this funny video clips on what dogs can do .... hahahahaha

I especially like the cute puppy holding the bucket and falling into the pool ..

Enjoy my friends :)

More Videos on

Friday, October 13, 2006

What happen to Tag-Board



I dont know what happen to my Tag-Board, the website has been down for A WEEK ! A WEEK ! Do you realise how long is that ? Its 7 days or 168 hours or 10,080 minutes.

How can Tag-Board be down for so long ? Did they shut it down or something? I went to check it out at .... and its not working too !!

Now my blog looks so ugly !!! And how are my friends going to talk to me ? I want my tagboard back !!

***cry Cry Cry Cry CRY****** ..... Anyone having the same problem ?

*****SOB SOB SOB SOB*****

Monday, October 09, 2006

Smiley Doggie

I was at the park one day for my usual run, and this man whom I always see ask Gal Gal, "Hi, your dogs looks very happy yeah? He is always smiling. What is he always so happy?"

Ehhhhhh ....... now you tell me, how are we supposed to answer this kind of question? I am a smiley dog cos I AM HAPPY !!But what that man said is true, I am perpetually smiling, except when I am bathing ..... And I look very very very serious when I am having my bath .... I will show you some pics next time.

I went through my albums and notice that almost 90% of my pics are smiley doggie pics .... and the 10% were taken when I was having my bath ....

any Smiley dogs here? Maybe we can form a club or something

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I am a BOY, a MALE

Further to my last post, many dogs and humans, thought that I am a gal ?? Oh no !! Whats wrong with them ??

NOw, for the last time , I am a BOY, a MALE, a handsome boy !!! And no, I am not a sissy .....

You see, boys also need to keep themselves handsome, and for your info, BOYS do go for facial too ! So whats wrong with doing pedicure and medicure ??? And Whats more, I am doing an imaginary one

Well, if you have doubts that I am a male, look at this, see the xxx there? hehehehe .... yes, I AM A BOY ....

Oppppsss ..... Indecent exposure .... hope I dont get any indecent proposal >.<