Thursday, August 24, 2006

My nails hurts !!

Ouch ! Ouch ! Ouch !! ...

I was behind the door and I got so excited when I saw Fat Fat coming in with Gal Gal that I did a dance near the door.

And guess what ? Both of them were busy talking to each other that they didnt notice me (I am not small mind you !! how can they not see me ??) and the next thing that I know, my paws got caught in between the doors and the frame .....

I tell you .... the pain is beyond description, I screamed so loud that I thought our neighbouring country can hear me !!! ....

Only then did Fat Fat and Gal Gal noticed me ....

Now I got a cut on my nails ....

OUCH !! OUCH !! OUCH !!! OUCH !!!

Watch it when you open the doors will you ??!! And stop talking and looking at each other !!!!!!


Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Day at the Dog Run

I went to the dog run (or some call it the dog park) during one of the weekdays and I had the whole field to MYSELF !! ITS ALL MINE !!! yipee !!

But it would have been good if there were other doggies around to play with me. Normally, my friends will be there with me if its a weekends, and we have loads of fun chasing each other .....

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Tagging Game

There is a new game going around where the player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about him/herself." Then he/she tag 5 friends and list their names. The furries who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their 5 weird things/habits, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims.

Sounds easy yeah?

I have been tag by Herbie and Jay.

Ok, here goes my wierd habits / things

1) I am a clean freak and I love grooming

2) I loves water and is a "water dog"

3) I dont exactly loves food, I prefer to play more

4) I do not get along well with big males dogs

5) I love soft toys

Now .... I am tagging Troy, Charlie, Rascals and Arwen.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Hit and run accident

No no no no no .......... its not me, but somebody else ....

I came across this blog today and is so sadden by it .... everyone at home is so sad .... HOW CAN ANYBODY IN THE WORLD HIT A DOG AND JUST DRIVE OFF???? LEAVING THE DOG TO FIGHT FOR ITS OWN LIFE ???

What is this world coming to? How can someone be so cruel? Why is that driver so ~!@#$%^&*()_+ ......

Anyway, if you have any leads to the accident, please give the owner a call.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Grooming 2

After the shaving session, I went for my bath and grooming.

The thing I love most about grooming is getting my fur combed. I just love it so much, so much, so very much that I can just sit there for ages, just to let the humans comb my hair.

And if they DON'T combed me enough (according to MY JUDGEMENT). I will start yelling and barking at them .... hehehehehhe .... they are my slave :p

And after that, I will look HANDSOME again :)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Grooming time

I have always been a very furry doggy, my fur grows so fast and so long sometimes, too long for my liking. Especially those fur near my belly.

You see, when the fur near my belly grows too long, I tend to wet them when I pee and my belly will stink !!! And I am not too happy about it. So one day, I got Fat Fat to trim that area for me.

Lets start off with the easy one first !! MY PAW PAD!!

Be extremely careful where that shaver is going yeah !!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Country of origin

I have always wonder where am I from? As in which country am I born? I totally know nuts about my country of origin, not to mention my place of origin.

Some say I am from Singapore, some say I am from Australia .... I was totally clueless, until .........

Fat Fat highlighted that I may be from Egypt !!!! Look at this and you will understand why.

See the resembrance?