Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bad Tummy .....

I had been having a naughty Tummy for the past 3 days ..... Instead of giving me nice solid hard poo poo, my tummy decided to give me some watery poo poo ...... and in order to give me watery poo poo, my tummy has been very hard working grinding and grinding and grinding ..... ouch ouch ouch .......

In the end, Gal Gal decides to starve me for 2 days !!!! 2 whole days !!!! ***faint from hunger*****

So I had Chicken Porridge (But I see no chicken and no porridge, I see MORE WATER than anything else) ***roll eyes**** That miser Gal Gal !!!

Oh yeah, I also decided to do everyone here a favour by not posting pics of my watery poo poo ..... just in case some of you are munching your breakfast, lunch or din din ....... Arent I a good friend?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Office alone

Its been raining for the past days, and rains means BAD THINGS for me. Because of the rain,

- I have not been having my regular LONG walk
- I have been grouchy
- I am into a hiding mode as I am scare of thunder (YOU !! YES YOU !!! Stop laughing .... so what if a giant like me is afraid of thunder?)

Oh, and the WORST part is, FAT FAT is away in CHINA ...... I hope he comes back soon .....


Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy outing with Girl Girl the CKCS

Yohooooooooo ......... See how happy both of us were !! This is one of the very rare occasion when Gal Gal bring Girl Girl the CKCS and me out.

Gal Gal seldom bring both of us out together as we are the most active of the pack, even though we are good boy and girl!

The humans are worried that should one of us decides to run left, and the other right ..... the human may not know who to recall back first ...... hiak hiak hiak hiak ....

Anyway, we went swimming and we had fun !!! :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My new profession

Since I love to swim so much, Gal Gal has suggested that I make a living out of my passion - SWIMMING .... And earn some treats $$$$


Dont you think I look like the hunk in Baywatch?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Notty BOYS in the house

I think someone put a curse on all the BOYS in MY HOUSE !!!

First, it was Boy Boy the naughty CKCS who tried to kiss a mosquito and got himself bitten with a SWOLLEN FACE.

Then it was Boo Boo the naughty boy who refused his food.

Now its my turn.

Remember the Rats in MY OFFICE? Well, the rats are still around, and that day, Fat Fat set up MORE TRAPS to catch the rats. The catch looks like this with very nice baits .... we have nuts, bones, cuttlefish and I am not sure what else.

Well, I just simply couldnt resist the bones on the baits. So I ATE THE BONES !!!

And guess what ? I got all the rats POISON stuck to my face, neck and paws !! You need to look real close. LIKE THIS !!

On my neck on the left

On my lips

And on my paws

Well, obviously, Fat Fat and Gal Gal were not very happy with what they saw, in fact, the baits have always been there, and I have never taken any interest in them, until this time when I dont know what came over me .....

Fat Fat and Gal Gal were so worried as those are rats poison. I think I am fine now ....... :P

Needless to say, I was given a very bad trashing ...... first by Gal Gal, then followed by Fat Fat (I was given a 2nd trashing as Fat Fat didnt know that I had been beaten up by Gal Gal) ouch .... ouch .... ouch ......

To further punish me, Gal Gal cut away all the sticky rats poison on my neck and face and paws ...... she say that she wants to make me an ugly boy, and hopefully I learn my lesson well this time .......

Oh gosh, how am I going to face the world with these "holes" on me.

Should I cover my face with a paper bag when I goes out ?