Monday, August 27, 2007

My swimming life thus far .....

When I first came into this family, Fat Fat and Gal Gal did a lot of research and they found out that swimming is good for me, especially for my hips, so we went on a search to look for a doggy friendly swimming pool.

And this is what we found then.

Well, if you look really carefully, this is a POND, which I could barely swim in. Correction, I think this is a DRAIN !!

And from the DRAIN, we found this ! A REALLLLLL POOL, which is about one metre deep.
Yes, thats me you are seeing there. :) I enjoy swimming ! Any one of you likes swimming like me?

I thank DOG that they did not tell me that this is a "swimming pool" althought it can contain some water ***roll eyes****

Monday, August 20, 2007

Trip to Changi Airport

To make up for not bringing me to the DWB Singapaw Party, Gal Gal brought me to somewhere where none of the doggies or in fact most of the Singapaw doggies have never been to. And Yes, I am happy now :)

We went to Changi Airport !! Wow ! This is the first time that I have been there ! Yohooooo .....

Let's take a tour of Changi Airport.

The people are generally nice to me and some came and pat me. I was told that only well behaved doggies can go the the airport. Had I been noisy and pee and poo all over the place, I would have been THROWN OUT of the airport. So I was at my BESTEST behaviour.

This is the place where we take note of the landing and take off time of flights. (Excuse me for the photo shop in this photo :P I was taking the photo with a human here, but the human is blog shy, I we have to REMOVE the human :P)

Gosh ! at 30kg now, I am sure I cant bring anything when I go overseas, NO Treats, No Balls, No Toys, NO NOTHING !! All these will come under this counter "EXCESS BAGGAGE PAYMENT"

Time to check in !!!! yohooooooooooooo

And off we go into the departure gate

I like Changi Airport, its fully airconditioned, and the place is nice and cool.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

No Pawty for me

I am so sad, I am not happy.

I was not there at the DWB Singapaw party And this is how sad I can be.

Go away, I want to be alone.

I am all alone with no pawty to go to :(

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I am a Terrier

Fat Fat, Gal Gal says that I am a Terrier. Hmmmm ... Why is that so? I thought I am a Golden Retriever ?

(We said TERROR, not Terrier)

No, no no no no , ...... I was just sniffing and playing with Girl Girl the CKCS, I was not terrorising her !!!!!

I am a GOOD BOY ! remember?

(Fat Fat : Is that you humping the air or Girl Girl the CKCS?)

Thats not me !!!, just some one who looks like me ..... not me, not me , note me

Monday, August 06, 2007

Pubbing !!

Do you dogs and GG go pubbing?

I went pubbing one of the saturdays and I went to the most hip and happening pubbing scene in Singapore !! I went to Clarke Quay !!

Wohooo !! I tell you, this place is full of beers, alcohols, loud music and pretty babes :)

This is me people watching
And this is me drowning myself in the nice music.
Anyone wants to join me for a drink?