Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Post cards to overseas

Boo Boo and I simply cant get enough of the Xmas card game and immediately after the xmas cards, we started another project. And that is to enter our friends into a contest to win an all expenses PAID trip to singapore !!!!

What we did was we went to the post office and got lots and lots and lots and lots of FREE post cards and sends out all to our overseas friends, including doggies from DWB. Like the xmas cards, it was hard work. We could have email our friends but we thought that a postcard would be more personal.

We also left a
website for them to find out about this contest, else they will be left wondering

And I notice that most of our recipients have received our postcards, but the bad news is we didnt win the contest .... ***cry cry cry*** **** sob sob sob*****


I want to see them ......... never mind, we will try harder next year.

****PAWS cross we have better luck next year***

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Why does bad things happen all at the same time?

I have not been lucky recently,

1) I have hot spot and I dont even know how they found themselves on me !!
2) Gal Gal is not very pleased to see me with hot spot (Well, not that I want them, they found me !)
3) I have been licking, kissing and biting the hot spots as I thought that thats the way to make them gone. Isn't it the same as food? I lick food, food is gone? ... Weird
4) Gal Gal is very angry with me for licking and kissing the hot spots, she said I am not helping. (HEY !!! LOOK !!! Im helping by licking them away ok ??!!!)

Why have all the bad things happen to me all at the same time?

Anyway, Gal Gal said that she wants to help me ..... HOW ??? ...... see for yourself ...

An E-collar

She says that this E-Collar will stop me from kissing and licking the hotspots .... well ... fine .... Im still a happy dog with this thing around me

Now you see me, now you dont ... :P

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Pest Control Manager

Wow !!! ... Now that I sit down to count my appointments in the office, I suddenly realise that I am holding multi portfolios ... hmmmm ..... and I think its high time I talk to the boss and ask for an increment ..... errrrr ..... wait a minute !!! .... Aren't I the boss also? .... so whom should I ask for an increment from ?? .... Well ...

Besides being an IT Manager, a Security Manager, I am also a Pest Control Manager.

There are roaches and rats in the office and my job is to keep them at bay :). Well, let me clarify, it is not that the humans do not keep the office nice and clean, but behind our office is a drain and that roaches and rats comes from that drain into our offices. The office itself is actually pretty clean.

And I am going to show you my latest catch ...... WARNING !!!! NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED .... WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!

If you look carefully at the pic, you would notice that there are no blood, but the legs and hands and neck of this poor little fellow looks a bit weird ....

Yes, you are right, I played with this fellow until it died and errrr ... I think I broke its legs and neck :P ..... hehe .... thats how good I am .... The humans were actually very SHOCKED ... ok, very shocked is an understatement. They were SUPER MEGA DUPER VERY SHOCKED to see the little fellow :p

Oh yeah, I not only do my duty in the office, there was once when I was out on a walk with Fat Fat and as usual, I did my business and stuff my nose into anything worth investigating .... And I went into a bush and guess what? I came out with a big huge gigantic rat in my mouth and I happily ran to Fat Fat with my prized catch .... but for some unknown reason to me, Fat Fat face turn white ... yes, as white as a piece of paper and his jaws dropped .... his jaws nearly hit the ground .... and the funny thing is that he keep moving backwards. You see, normally when I run back to Fat Fat and Gal Gal, they would normally stand very still and I will move on to their left. But today is very funny, I keep wanting to move to Fat Fat's left but he keep backing off ..... hmm .....

Anyway, Fat Fat give me the command to leave the rat and he ran off FASTTTTTTT .... I have never seen him run faster than this, I think he can go run for Singapore in the 2008 Olympics .....

Anyway, I thought it was a waste to leave the rat there ..... hmmmmm ... whats wrong with humans ????? They never seems to think they same way as us !!!

Anyway, for those who are really interested, the size of the rat is probably about 10 inch, and its probably as big as my carrot in the following pics

Yup you are right !!! The rat is AS BIG AND AS LONG AS MY HEAD !! :)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Security Manager

Besides being an IT Manager in the office, I am also the Security Manager.

I am in charge of safe guarding the properties of the office and also the safety and security of the humans in the office (well, only a selected few. I totally ignore people like Ah Sheng in the office.

Fat Fat will normally open the office door and I have been trained not to get out of the office, even though the door is open if I value my life. (Well, Fat Fat says he will skin me alive if I ever ran out of that open door alone) ..... errr ...... this sounds scary enough, knowing that crazy Fat Fat, I really think he will do it.

Anyway, my job is to make sure that no stranger comes in of the office. Errr ... I am effectively a doorbell. I will give a low loud bark when any strangers walks into the office. This is me at work

And errr .... of cos, there are times when I sleep on my job .... shhhhhhhh

Life is tough as a Security Officer