Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day of 2007

Hey Doggies and Hammies,

I got a BIG BIG BIG news to end 2007.

Gal Gal is now on a holiday and look what she found ***hysterical laugh***

MY OWN BRAND OF HUMAN BRIEFS !!! hahahhahahaaahahha

In Australia, BONDS is a brand name for human underwear and pillows and quilts .... :P

Here's wishing all doggies and hammies


Monday, December 24, 2007

It Xmas time !!!!


Look !! A Xmas tree !!! How cool is this ?

Xmas is not xmas without a xmas tree !!!

Look at those lights on the Xmas tree Is Santa coming ? Happy me with xmas tree

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Swim Swim Swim again

Oh yes, I went swimming again, yeah, as usual, nothing special about swimming ....

But the difference this time is that I met Sweety at the pool !! Which is a pleasant surprise as I seldom see him :)

Where are you sweety ?

Are you under the table?

opppppssss ...... wrong color, Sweety is black, not white

oh man ! there you are Sweety, right besides me !!!! Let's take a photo

Errrr ..... as you can see, I am not exactly happy, it took me ages to find Sweety and he wouldnt even take a photo with me .......... Oh well ...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wall Digger

Well, you see, I hate raining days and thunder ...... (NOTE : I am not afraid of rains and thunder, I just HATE them) ..... normally when it rains or when thunder comes, I will run into the rooms where there are humans and PAWTECH the humans from the rain and thunder ......

What happen was that it rain one afternoon and the humans went out for lunch, closing the doors to the room after them. And as it was raining and the thunder came, what I did was that instinct told me, I had to go into the room to pawtect them ..... and since they dont open the door for me, what do I do ?

RIGHT!!! I dug a whole onto the wall to get to the other side of the room ......

And before I can finish digging the wall, the human came back ..... ***duhzzzz*****

Hmmmmm ..... but im not sure why the human are not that happy with my artwork ....

And all Fat Fat did was to shake his head and plaster the wall ...... this is how my artwork looks like now .....

See the 3 uneven white patches ? Yes ..... I dug 3 holes on the wall

Thursday, December 06, 2007

A fight with my neighbour

You guys remember Brownie ? The big brown stray in my neighbourhood.

He had all along been nice to me, or rather, we had all along been keeping out of each others' way. ....... until today.

I was minding my business, investigating my pee / poo area by myself, and I was half way peeing, when a saw a shadow behind me, and before I can finish my pee, the big brown shadow is already pounching on me ....... Yeah, its Brownie, I got so scare that I growl and I show him my BIG FAT TEETH !!!!

And we both became one BIG ROUND BALL - fighting .......

Fat Fat ran to me and grab both of us by our neck and pull his arms wideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee apart and throw Brownie away ....... and that chicken brownie ran away .............

Fat Fat thinks Brownie is not hurt in anyway ....... and me ? OF COS I AM FINE .......

That sneaky Brownie, I hope he dont launch a sneak attack on me again ..........

Monday, December 03, 2007

I feel so loved .....

Fat Fat and Gal Gal brought me to a fishing jetty. There are lots of people fishing over there. And I saw an old man who caught about 10 fishes which average about 12 inches EACH !!!

And I saw some with baby crabs !!! YUMMYLICIOUS !!!

Anyway, the jetty is not made of concrete grounds, but rather wood with gaps in between. And I just dont know why, but my BIG FAT PAWS kept getting stuck in the gap !!!! So I was extremely careful when I walked on the jetty, I was practically crawling, with my tails in between my legs !

Its so embarrassing I tell you, I kept hearing people say "So big dog yet so scared ...."

This is how I walked

Anyway, I felt so humiliated that I decided to just lie there and not moved an inch. Luckily Fat Fat and Gal Gal were there to encourage me.

My beloved Fat Fat decided to spare me from my agony and carry me instead ......
I LOVE MY FAT FAT !!!!!!!!!
That's me waving to all the jealous people who were laughing at me earlier on