Monday, March 26, 2007

Bony Days

Last weekend, Gal Gal got 2 bones for me.

Gal Gal tried to take pics of the 2 bones but she is always so slow .... I saw her taking LOTS of photos and yet she is always saying, "No, this is not good enough, let's take ANOTHER one .... " And there is no end to her "ANOTHER one"

And I couldnt wait anymore, while she is taking her "ANOTHER one", this is me grabbing the bones before she can stop me

Yup, thats my big fat mouth and muzzle, not the bone, there are 2 bones actually, but I managed to grab one .... hehehehhehe

And this is a "ANOTHER one" of an over-exposed pics of the bones .... tsk tsk tsk tsk ....... Thank God Gal Gal is not a photographer by profession, else she will lose her job real soon and I will be a starving dog in no time

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Let's PAY IT FORWARD again

I noticed that some of my friends have not been blogging very often. Some are busy, some are still enjoying the winter, some like me are just plain lazy .... :P

I thought that it will be a very good idea to play the PAY IT FORWARD game once over again as

1) we now have MORE DWB NEW friends compare to last year, and I am sure we have not even visited some of the blogs.

2) we should encourage new doggie Bloggers to blog.

So lets do the PAY IT FORWARD game again

Rules of the game
1) Write 3 things about yourself that most dog bloggers dont know yet.
2) Tag 3 dog bloggers (preferably NEW friends). For a start, you may like to visit to find your new friends) telling them the rules of the game.

And we will see how this games goes !!

3 Funniest/Disgusting thing that I have done (DONT LAUGH !!!)
1) I love to play with RATS !!!
2) I love gals with long straight hair, and I will stalk them ... hehehehhe
3) I love to jump and sit on anybody who happens to be sitting on the floor. (I am 29KG by the way) .... hhahahahhaha

I am going tag Bogart, IndyPindy and TinTin.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bad & Exciting Week

Hi doggies !!! How is everyone ? I am back from my Chinese New Year Break !!!

So many things has happen this week, and I am just begining the week, today is only TUESDAY !!!!!!!

Here's the BAD and EXCITING things that happen to me

1) My hotspot is back .... back .... right on my back ..... and for some reason, my itchy mouth is kissing the hot spot at my BACK non stop ...... that makes Gal Gal super duper mega angry. And the E-collar is now my best friend, 24/7, even when I am eating / pooing / peeing .......

And I look so funny with the E-collar when I go for my walk, everyone is starring at me, as if I am an alien doggy from space or something .....

2) Fat Fat is away to Japan FOR GOOD (well, 7 days is like forever to me) and I am left ALONE, in the office to fend for myself, with NO ONE to protect me ...... Sad isnt it?

3) There's tremor in SINGAPORE due to TWO earthquake in Indonesia !!! And I am so scared. Gal Gal mentioned that there might be MORE tremor to come in the next few hours or days ..... scary scary .......

4) My food is running dry soon ...... and Gal Gal just realised and JUST placed the order for the food to be sent over ...... I hope I received the food before I becomes a skeleton or something :P

Wow ......... so many things happened !!!