Monday, May 22, 2006

Marley & Me

Did anyone miss me yet?

I had been busy the pass week reading the book Marley & Me.

This book is about the life story of a yellow labador, Marley, from its puppyhood into its old age ... and how much joy, "destruction" and fun he brought to his family.

Its especially heartbreaking towards the end of the book when how his owner had to make the painful decision to put Marley to sleep. I cried a lot ***sob sob***

I wonder if next time I am sick, does Fat Fat also has to use a wheelbarrow to move me around? I am now 29KG, what if he cant find a wheelbarrow?

Will Fat Fat put me to sleep next time? Will I get sick like Marley when I grow old too?

I especially like this book because I see myself in Marley. We are so much alike! My tails also moves uncontrollably, making "thud thud thud" sounds ALL THE TIME, I also love water, walks .... errr .... except that I am not as disruptive as Marley, and I am NOT scared of thunder ... :)

oh no !!! .... this is so sad .... Maybe I shall focus of the positive and good things now and worry in years to come


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