Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our initial encounter with Patches

The other day when Girl Girl brought Patches home from office, she was slowly introduced to Boo Boo, Boy Boy and Gal Gal the CKCS one by one.

For those who are not familiar, this is Boy Boy and Gal Gal the CKCS.

Everything went on smoothly until Gal Gal the CKCS came. Some of you may know that Cavaliar King Charles Spaniel are hunting dogs. And when that silly Gal CKCS saw Patches, who is only like one third of Gal's the CKCS size, she immediately thought that it is a toy or prey or mop or whatever, I have no idea whats in her mind. ..... But the moment she saw her, she just pounces on her, aiming for Patches neck ...... but before she could do any damage, Girl Girl put a stop to it and Gal the CKCS was given a trashing, left right, front back, centre, up down ..... everywhere ..... .... and she was told to behave if she still wants to see tomorrow .....

But I can't blame her, its her instinct, the hunter instinct in her made her like this.

Anyway, Patches was unhurt, and she is fine.

And Gal the CKCS was 'educated' on how to behave and play with Patches and they are playing with each other fine now.

This is a picture taken of them within 20 minutes of the about to happen "attack". Dont you think they look sweet ? Like ..... errrr .... .mother and daughter ? :P

Oh yes, I forgot to mentioned, ever since she came, Girl Girl the human mentioned something that she has a furry shadow ..... shadow = furry ??????? is Girl Girl growing fur now ? just like us ???????????? yipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


At 11:30 pm, Blogger natalie said...

I know Patches is in good hands now! :) Thanks alot!

At 6:18 pm, Blogger Amber-Mae said...

Oh my! Maybe she wasn't intended to hurt Patches at all. But who knows. Glad they have gotten along together now. Sometimes we doggies need some smacking to behave. BOL!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer


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