Thursday, April 20, 2006

Weekends at Pet Movers

I get to run at Pet Movers every weekend. I am normally there at very "wierd" hours, where there are minimal big dogs, like very early in the morning or slightly before or after noon. Well, reason being, I am a very naughty and bad dog.

Fat Fat said that something might have happen to me previously, I could have fought with a big dog previously, which resulted in me being not very sociable with male big dogs, except my friends. (ie, I simply cant get along with strange male BIG DOGS). However, I am perfectly fine with small and female (big or small) dogs. I am a gentle harmless giant to small dogs, and a perfect gentleman with female dogs.

Well, I gave Fat Fat a fright the first few times that he brought me to the dog run, but but but but ... I am just simply too terrified of BIG dogs that if any were to start running after me, or run towards my direction, I get TOTALLY FREAK OUT and I will start to snap and bite.

I know I am a very bad dog, but Fat Fat is helping me with this problem and I have been improving since then. I do not get nervous with those big dogs whom I have met before in the dog run, but those NEW, STRANGE big dogs still freak me out.

Well, when there are NEW, STRANGE big dogs in the run, Fat Fat will normally put me on leash and let me move around.

I behave better when on leash, probably I feel more secured with Fat Fat around ... but I am not sure, its just my guess.

Anyway, this is what I do best in the run

Acting CUTE :)

Cool Myself in the Pool :)

Well, I hope to make more good friends in the run, big or small ......



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