Tuesday, April 25, 2006

WATER dog !!

Do you guys know that I am a water dog? Well, not that I live in water like a fish, but rather, I love WATER .... be it sea water, tap water, rain water, water melon ... oppss .... thinking about food again ....

I love going to the sea. I can smell the sea from at least one kilometre away. Everytime when Fat Fat brings me to the see, I will get soooooooooo excited, so much so that I even forgets my own name ...... ***embarrased***

And the best part is I make a dash for the sea everytime I am there. This is how much I love the water. I am begining to wonder whether I am a fish or not ...

Sometimes, I make do with a "pond" when there is no sea around :P

I will upload more photos soon ...


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