Friday, April 28, 2006

My new "toy"

Fat Fat always says that as I am a much bigger dog than the rest, I need more exercise than my other brothers and sister at home. And his version of exercise is that he will bring me to work everyday ..... lamn right ? ....

Anyway, he says I got more space to run around, I can also "entertain" the staffs in the office (As if I am a clown or something).

But I do get to move around more in the office and sometimes the staffs will bring me for "long-distance marathon walk".

Anyway, I got a NEW toy in the office .... and guess what it is ....

errr ... I seriously doubt any of you will guess it ...

Anyway, my NEW toy is a rat !!!!!!! :) :) :)

How many of you get to play with rat by the way?

Everyone look at me in SHOCK and were stunned when one day they saw me with a half dead rat in MY MOUTH. There I was, tossing, pulling chasing the rat when Fat Fat shouted ............ did he think I am deaf or something ......

Anyway ..... somehow everyone were not happy about my new toy ...... funny people


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