Thursday, July 22, 2010

My right face and me!

So ! It has been 2 long weeks !!!

The vets told me I have to be monitored for 2 weeks remember? So, yesterday we called the vets and told her that 2 weeks is up, so what's next ?

hmmmmmmmm ..... the vets said there is nothing much that she could do ...... *sigh*

But according to past cases seen by her, some dogs takes weeks to recovered, some dogs takes months to recover, and errrrrhhhhh .... some never did .... hmmmmm .... I wonder which category I belongs to...

Anyway, she suggested acupuncture .... I ask Girl Girl whats that, and she says thats like poking needles onto you .....

Now, if you guys remember, my last post, there is this "Evil Fingers" poking my face and eyes right ?

So now, besides this "Evil Fingers" there are also needles poking me ???? hmmmmmmm ..... whats all this poking about? Will I look like a Frankenstein with all those needles poking onto my face ? ..... hmmmmmmm

Anyway, we are going to see another vet this sunday, and possibly explore the options of acupuncture .... but Fat Fat is not that keen on acupuncture, but Girl Girl dont mind trying .... I think they are having a small little fight, I mean argument, I mean discussion .... on acupuncture on me.

Anyone of you have any ideas?

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Eyes and Me

After 3 visits to vets, the conclusion is "We need to monitor."

And yes, the sentence ends there ....... all from the 3 vets ........... I am only short of hearing them say "I am sorry, but I dont know what happen?"

So what does this means ? This means I am equally confusion and clueless as you ..... But at least I still can see with both eyes.

Here's a video upload of me and my "not so willing to move right face".

Note the following, the left side of my face is still normal, my reflex tells me that I will blink when that evil fingers tries to touch my eyes ball...... wait, i will blink even before the evil fingers comes near me ....

But my right eyes dont blink !!! It will only blink when the evil fingers touched my eye lashes, and if the evil fingers dont "aim" for my eye lashes, it will touch my eye ball.

Next, looks at my sexy lips ....... my sexy lips of the left hand side does not drop down, the muscles are still there to keep it in place so that I can still maintain my handsome smile.

But look at my ummmmhhhhhhh ....... ... ... manly right lips, it is drooping !!!!!! can you see that ? And because of this, I cant control my sweet smelling saliva, which is always trying to escape from my mouth ..... ... and I tell you, now I hold the house record of forming the LONGEST and WETTEST drool at home ..... YEAH !!! Dont you think I deserve an award or something ?

Oh yes, now I am also good at mopping the floor with my saliva .... I help in the housework ! I am so proud of myself.

Oh yes, here's the video before I forget.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Update on me !! not so much .... really ....

Thanks for all those kind response doggies and some long lost pal !!! I am really so touched by the power of bloggie land :)

I am visiting the vet this afternoon (this is the earliest time slot I could get) ..... Are Vets really so busy ?????? ........ anyway I will discuss all the possibilities with her ...... hmmmmmm .... ... maybe we can do it over coffee in her clinic ...

So far, I have received many information and from the symptons given to me, it appears that it may not be a stroke (which was the prelim diagnosis) ..... but it could be

1) facial paralysis
2) Bell's Palsy or idiopathic facial paralysis ........... hmmmm ..... I hope they are not saying I am an idiot :S

Thanks to all the furkids who offered me kind words of encouragements and information, I really appreciate that a lot.

I have a lot of reading to do and will update you guys as soon as I can ...... Thanks again ....

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Stroke ? Now what ?

hmmmmmm ..... I cant blink, I cant move my right side of my face ......

Suspected Stroke on my right side of the face?

What can I do now? What should I do now ?

I am otherwise active and eating, and jumping and playing .......

Singapore does not have a vet / specialist on this .....

Any idea knows what should I do now?

tell me !!! someone talk to me !!!

UPDATED : One reader was telling me that it may also be facial paralysis ..... anyone has any idea as to the treatment or what can be done to make me feel better? ......

We got no clue !!!

Monday, September 07, 2009

I am Back !!!

Hey every dogs and pups !!!

How is everyone ?

Sorry for the lack of post for the past HALF YEAR oH mY dOG !! I didnt realise it had been tat long !!

I will leave it to Boo Boo to update you of what has been happening for the past months.

As for myself, I am showing signs of ageing, my muzzle is slowly growing white, I am starting to show signs of anxiety and depression. hmmmmmm ...... this is not a good sign .....

This is handsome and the much younger me, note the color of my muzzle, it is mainly golden with less white.

This is the STILL handsome but old me. Look at the color around my muzzle and eyes .... they are mostly white than golden now !!

Look !!! even my legs and bums are white now ......

But dont worry every doggies and pups! This is a natural progression which we all have to go through ..... This process is what I call a M.A.N.L.Y progression .... hehehehe

Monday, March 09, 2009

What Is this ?

Ok ! Some thing very terrible had happen !!!!

Last week, when the human came to the office, they found something HUGE tied to the gate. And that thing is GOLDEN, FURRY AND HUGE like me, so from far, the human thought I had ran out of the office and Fat Fat was prepared to skin me alive then, until he walk nearer, and nearer, and nearer, then he realised that it is NOT ME !!!! ***GASP****

Fat Fat came closer and realised that someone had tied a golden retriever to our gate !!! ***GASP AGAIN****

After discussing with me, Fat Fat and clever me came up with a few ideas why this golden retriever is tied to our gate.

1) The person who found the dog thought that , that's me, so he tied the dog up at our gate.

But helllllooooooooooooo , I KNOW I am the only golden retreiver in this estate, I KNOW I am the smartest dog in this estate, I KNOW I am the most handsome dog in this estate, but that doesnt make me the ONLY dog in the estate.

Remember : Not all Golden Retreivers are Bond and not all Bonds are golden retreiver, ok ?

2) The person had tied the dog at our gate and went for the time of his life, and forgotten all about the dog.

Hellllooooooooooooooo, you better come and collect your dog .... **GROWL****

3) The person had abandoned the dog at our gate.

I .... I .... I .... I dont know what to say if this is really true *sigh*

But just to put the record straight, this is not a zoo, nor an animal shelter, nor a pet hotel, you dont go around dumping your pet at my place ok? So if you have really done that, you better come back and get your dog, or else, Fat Fat will cook the dog for dinner and serve all of us for the next week ok ?

Ok, some basic information of the dog

a) it smell like salted fish, even after 3 baths in a week
b) it loves to sit on urine (and this explains [1] above)

HELP ME !!! SOS !!! If you know of anyone who had left the dog in front of my gate, can you please ask the person to come forward with particulars of the dog like sex of the dog, age of the dog, any micorchip, any distinctive features of the dog blah blah blah ...... once we ascertain that you are the owner, we will return the dog to you ok?

Oh yes, another thing, if you are thinking of coming to my gate to see the doggy, sorry, the doggy had been moved to somewhere else and is no longer here ..... i will tell you why next time.

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOSE DOG IS THIS ??????????

Friday, February 27, 2009

Depression and a New buddy

You guys remember about me being not-so-happy ? Well, the humans finally found out why, apparently, I was in a state of depression :( ........ I was depressed that Fat Fat left me alone for so longgggggggggggggggggggggggg ...... and I heard he went overseas ..... is he in the air then ? Why is he overseas ?

And that Girl Girl, who is supposed to bring me home everyday DIDNT !!!!! She always come up with the excuse that she has a "girl's night out" and cant bring me home, or that its too late, ...... *sigh*** ........ All these lazy excuses ...........

So, I was depressed and caused some destruction in the office .......

Well yes, depression actually happens to us dogs too, so dont be too surprised.

Oh, on another note, we have a new villager in our village :) ...... Presenting .......

***drums drums drums****
Yes, he is the new villager in our village :)

He is a 5 mths old husky and is still smaller than me in size ..... See how Happy I am with him ... Yippy Yippy !!!! Some new villager for me to bully !!! **opppppsss****

Oh Yes, more about this new villager, he actually has a very sad story.

His ex owner, Mr A, first saw me and he fell in love with me, so Mr A went to bought a puppy GR. After that, Mr A's girlfriend say one of my friend, a husky, and she in turn fall in love with that husky. So Mr A bought a puppy husky for his girlfriend.

Some months down the road, Mr A and his girlfriend broke up and TADA !!!! Mr A decides that he wants to throw the husky out of the house !!! And since I am one of his first 4-legged friends, he ask me if I would take the puppy husky in ...............

I was like "Hello, but you only had him for like less than 3 months ....... and now you dont want him???????" ...... and he say "YES !!! I WANT HIM OUT NOW!!!!"

I was ...... fine ........ I can share my food and toys and space with him, as long as he dont boss me around, or ELSE ..........................

So this is how the husky puppy ended up with me ................. I think humans are stupid .......... but I like him !!! and so does Boo Boo !!!!