Monday, June 12, 2006

My turn to visit the vet

I really cannot understand that brother of mine, Boo Boo. He may look very mascular and strong, but once you mention the word "VETS", he will freeze and turn into a cat ..... a scary cat I mean.

He made such a big hoo-ha about visiting the vet. He seems so scare to visit the vet, as if the vet will take his life or something ..... ... I really dont understand him.

Well, its my turn to vist the vet this saturday. Unlike Boo Boo, I am going to be a brave boy and enjoy the trip. Yes, I am going to enjoy my trip to the vet. And yes !! I am going to make some friends there and go up to the BEAUTIFUL vet and enjoy your "massaging" me ..... hiak hiak hiak hiak ...

Vet Vet here I come :)


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